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3/1/2022 c17 Badcandy
Goodness, I love your writing and I fully comprehend this story is not your only obligation on this earth, but have pity on me. If I pass from this world before you complete this work, I will have to haunt you!
Lurking in a dark corner for you to sneak in with the next chapter….
2/25/2022 c1 meaghansalmon
Has this story been abandoned completely or do you plan to return to it?
2/25/2022 c1 meaghansalmon
2/18/2022 c17 2acetwolf94
1/27/2022 c17 GoodGurlGone5
I hope everything is going well for you in life but please don't abandon this story! It's toooo good! Your writing and plot is addictive and I really want to see how the Dramione relationship dynamic changes.
1/18/2022 c17 IndigoIves
I am absolutely gutted to that this fic is about to go a full year without being updated...pretty much was SO GOOOOD TT_TT
1/14/2022 c17 Guest
Gosh, I ADORE this!
Am sad there isn’t more
1/13/2022 c7 6FelineNinjaGrace
Doesn’t make sense. How come Lupin isn’t going crazy about Tonks even though she’s his mate? You keep making different rules in different chapters. One of the things you’ve said is that now that he’s marked her the wolf is calmer, which should mean that he’d be able to control himself better and therefore not be in danger of raping her in the hallways. And then you change it to “it doesn’t matter if she’s bitten because you have no amount of control over your wolf and it’s even WORSE because you bit her” when earlier you said it was better. But if that’s the case then why isn’t Lupin’s wolf attacking Tonks since she’s been neither bitten nor claimed? Doesn’t make sense. There has to be some level of self control otherwise Lupin and Draco’s predicament doesn’t make sense
12/29/2021 c17 Guest
She will meet him not? Great story. I hope that you continue it soon. Happy New Year :)
11/30/2021 c12 Lizzarnia5887
i hate to break it to you but the blade wouldn't have hit the lungs if she couldn't get past the ribs
11/27/2021 c6 Guest
I like this cap
11/28/2021 c17 20Alytiger
Lovely update! Can't fight fate forever Granger 3
11/2/2021 c17 Lena2244
so happy you haven't abandoned this fic
10/14/2021 c17 4fear-the-dark
Will you be updating? This story is very good
9/29/2021 c17 gabbrina
I need more!
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