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5/20/2016 c7 Vi38
Good chapter
5/4/2016 c6 shdeslayingboss143
This is such an unique fanfiction! I love it. The first few chapters were kind of confusing due to the time skips, so you could work on making those either more pronounced, or just keep them in chronological order. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/3/2016 c6 3Maya Poltergeist
Oh, I really Don't like Draco with Rosmerta. Merlin! He went back in time just to save the love of his life, it looks stupid that he would fall for another woman in the process... I do like everything else in the chapter, so good work!
5/3/2016 c6 InfinityMask
Thx for the update.. I wonder if Draco and Daphne would just follow the headmaster and keep The information about Voldy from their parents.. I believe they should tell their parents.. After all the one that in danger isn't only them but also their families.. I'm annoyed that he Dumbledore told them to keep quiet and not tell their parents.. True it would make a needless panic(maybe), but the more people know the prepared they are..

Btw there are a little mistake:
Rosmerta tried to hide her disappointment with his reply. "Oh, so you need to do "our" research in Australia."

I think The our should be your..
5/3/2016 c6 delia cerrano
Harry? Rosemerta? A.C.? Naw...
5/2/2016 c6 Vi38
Very good chapter
4/30/2016 c5 Dogco94
This is shaping uo to be a great story! Can't wait for more!
4/21/2016 c5 delia cerrano
Yes, still good. Keep going please. So sorry for Draco losing the woman he loved and having to leave his son to go back in time to try to fix things.
4/21/2016 c2 HaywireEagle
While the idea is not bad overall. The way it was handled was rough at best. Poor and heavy handed at worst.
4/21/2016 c5 Maya Poltergeist
just a minor mistake. Harry wouldn't be able to peform an expeliarmus in his first year not in a million years since it's an advancer spell.
4/21/2016 c5 Maya Poltergeist
yay I'm enjoying it. I do think that Harry's friedship with Ron is really importante to him. And he really needs helps studying. I think it would be cool to have him asking to became part of the group of study and eventually being able to be friends with young Draco. I had to hold a tear at the imagem of Scorpius in the future all alone and feeling abandone. I do hope your time travel replace the older one with a new one. Loving this, and honesytly you can make it as bigger as needed since the story is so good.
4/21/2016 c5 InfinityMask
So the troll incident make Harry,Daphne! Hermione! And Draco closer huh? Hmm.. Make sense.. After all some times life and death situation can make people close.. I really curious what happened to old Daphne though..
4/21/2016 c5 The Edible Scump
This is a very interesting take on the time travel scenario. Keep up the great work.
4/20/2016 c5 Vukk

Draco/Rosmerta would be a pairing I never have seen. Only ever seen her with Sirius if at all.
4/20/2016 c5 rsiles90
Very nice story you have going on. I haven't read before a Malfoys timetravel, and it's quite refreshing. I will be waiting for the new update, thank you forma bringing this story to all of us.
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