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4/4/2016 c2 InfinityMask
Nice chapter.. Your author note though, make me curious to the next chapter.. Luckily you give double update.. Lol
4/4/2016 c3 Sunny9515
The story's been great so far. There are a few spelling mistakes, but it's okay, I guess. Looking forward to the next update
4/3/2016 c1 Guest
Out of curiosity, who will be paired with Hermione? I confess, if it's Ron, I will stop reading. I just can't understand that pairing. They're nothing alike, he's mean and belittles her numerous times in every single book, he abandons her and Harry when the going gets tough, and I just don't like his laziness when it comes to academics. He's not a good role model for my sonor someone I would want my daughter to date. I like Hermione with slightly older men, but not more than 10 years older. Guys like Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Viktor, Cedric, Oliver, Marcus, did I mention Viktor (Stanislav Ianevski is yummy).

I adore Harry with Daphne and Draco with Astoria. It makes the boys brothers by marriage. Your story is very well written and I like where it's going. I wish you the best of luck in your literary adventure.
4/3/2016 c1 InfinityMask
This looks like interesting.. I wonder thought.. Of Draco isn't spoiled, will this story become Slytherin! Harry? Not that I am complaining of course..
4/3/2016 c1 PhoenixDK1984
I will look forward to see if you make the same mistake as most of those who write a time travel fic do... forgetting that changing things also will change how people relate to each other. The butterfly effect will happen, change one thing and the rest will follow. It is why it is unrealistic to write a time travel fic that follows canon.

It is the same problem with fics where Harry is raised differently, yet still have the same friends and do all the same things as in the books. That would just not happen, but then again, even canon fucks up. A boy who grew up in a cupboard, who was more or less abused (verbally at least) would NEVER have befriended someone like Ron or Hermione - they are too loud and bossy. He would have befriends someone like Neville or Luna, the outsiders, the quiet ones. It is basic psychology.
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