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11/29/2016 c8 Althalus57
Nice chapter even if there is an inconsistency: spider-webs in a chamber near a basilisk (I seem to remember that in the canonverse spiders flee from basilisks so I doubt that they would live near one).
11/29/2016 c11 gabrieljuarezl
Great chapters
11/29/2016 c11 delia cerrano
I'm so pleased you found something useful in my review. Your story continues to be so original and sensible or understandable (if you can say that about a story with magic in it). also glad that he is not starting up anything but friendship with Rosemerta. I like her but I'm a romantic and want him to get Astoria back or just remain faithful to her. hope you are heading to a Daphne pairing with Harry somehow oe I could even go with Daphne and AC...yes I know I said he has to stay with Astoria dead or alive butttt... Sure glad you are the one who has to make all the decisions and all the creative writing a story takes! I'm already worn out just thinking about the story.
11/29/2016 c11 MichaelJ-D
Oh come on...the bad guy would travel back in time?stupid Daphne.
11/29/2016 c11 trainreader
oh no did you have to do that? I really hope Theo won't go back to the past. I hope AC changed enough to help Daphne
11/29/2016 c11 InfinityMask
Well... She should be more careful... at least do his bidding for few weeks.. Now this would be dangerous... I'm sure Nott would ask what he doing and she would be compelled to answer truthfully, and well... if Nott go back in time, that would be dangerous for all... sigh
I would like more of this though!
11/29/2016 c10 InfinityMask
It's been a while.. thx for the double posting! Finally Harry free from Dursley! Btw I will looking forward to the romance between Harry and Daphne!
11/29/2016 c11 1geetac
I didn't expect that Daphne would try to back in time
11/28/2016 c10 Vi38
Excellent chapter, thanks for update
11/12/2016 c9 trainreader
this is great. I hope you will continue
9/14/2016 c9 15The Last Founder
Nice job, again.
Looking forward to reading more, and can't wait to see how the story unfolds.
9/10/2016 c9 Dogco94
You're one of my favorite ff writers and this story, like your others, does not disappoint! Looking forward to more!
9/7/2016 c9 Guest
More please
9/8/2016 c7 Blood Wine and Song
Just cant read further. Great potential for a story. Boring execution.
9/7/2016 c9 delia cerrano
Forcing Dumbledore into backing up the information and endorsing it ...good work.
Still don't care for A.C. to end up with Rosemerta but oh well I guess. Wanted him to go back and find that Astoria had not died after all.
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