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9/7/2016 c8 delia cerrano
Ah Ha another step forward for Old Draco (AC) in "fixing" things in the magic world for his beloved even though he will never see her again. I want him to figure out a way to go to the improved future when he's finished fixing things and be with his now living Astoria...opps now she's alive but so will his Draco self be alive so I guess his old sent the past Draco can be with Rosemerta. Naw fix it please...Old Draco goes back to the future and has his life with restored Astoria.
New young Draco grows up in the improved world with Astoria who gets to stay alive.
9/6/2016 c9 Vi38
Thanks for update
8/29/2016 c8 15The Last Founder
So, I've enjoyed this story so far, along with your others. More of a "Harmony" fan myself, but you've made some nice stories, with really interesting premises. (Voldemort's death in 24 hours, Future!Australian Bounty Hunter Harry, brainwashing, secret agents, virtual reality, and a time traveling, "Bood-Traitor" Draco Malfoy.) You've impressed me.
Looking forward to more, and nice job.
-Oscar Unknown, or The Dark Tipped Snake, of The Founders of Fiction. Resident slytherin and philosopher.
8/10/2016 c8 1whiteabyss89
Certainly a different twist than what I'm used to on a time travel fic. But really good none the less. Could you possibly to a different POV from Harry, Daphne, or even younger Draco?
7/24/2016 c8 kddr1122
Just found your new story
. Love it so intriguing to have Draco go back in time.
7/20/2016 c8 InfinityMask
Thx for the update.. I kinda surprised how fast the Raven and Puff turn on Harry.. Ckckck
7/20/2016 c8 6Shad0wReaper133
You have a misplaced linebreak in the chapter, you should fix that.
7/20/2016 c1 Miltonius
How in the world is Draco an interesting character? He is nothing but the prototypical spoiled antagonistic brat with bigoted views, created to give the MC a hard time during school. I fail to see how Draco is an interesting character, if anything, he is rather cliche.
7/20/2016 c8 Vi38
Nice chapter. Thanks for update
7/20/2016 c8 1geetac
What they found out about the Chamber of Secret was fascinating
7/20/2016 c8 FateBurn
Great chapter please continue again soon.
5/22/2016 c7 1serenityselena
a very interesting story...
eagerly awaiting to
5/21/2016 c7 delia cerrano
This class should be right up Hermione's alley. So Ron isn't Harry's best friend this time around but
he sure isn't any more likableis he?
5/20/2016 c7 FateBurn
Good chapter.
5/20/2016 c7 InfinityMask
Snape returned to his room with the small stone chest. He knew that it would be safe enclosed in the small container, but he also needed to work on getting the other items. He felt that he would need some assistance to deal with the ring at the Gaunt shack, but now he could bring this chest to his office at the school, and then obtain the Ravenclaw Diadem.

Hmm.. Should that be AC instead of Snape? Thx for updating the story!
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