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for Put into Lifetime Detention by Death

6/10 c45 Guest
So much for looking into how Bella abruptly changed into the psycho killer she became. Wonder if the author forgot about that being brought up or just decided to abandon that.
6/10 c44 Guest
Him taking his sweet time to open the damned Grimiore. He apparently could've dealt with him before now and avoided any deaths if he'd just look for that damn spell from the sound of it. Yet all those graves have been defiled and I'm guessing a bunch are going to die. Yet he still hasn't touched the fucking book.

Why does Luna barely exist and where is Hedwig?
6/10 c43 Guest
Very well done chapter.
6/9 c40 Guest
What a chapter. That was really well done.
6/9 c38 Guest
I have rather extreme doubt he helped her. Unless she would've otherwise done something that would've had him kill her instead of traumatize for life is supposed to be better.
6/9 c37 Guest
A very good chapter and a good story. Sometimes the dialog is a bit off. With no one I've come across in person or not speaking that way. I of course don't mean the talking to pureblood attempts per say though it does pop then too.
6/9 c35 Guest
So knowing the Death Eaters would be desperate and there's two of them. Only two Aurors showed up with half assed guard up. Thats hella dumb.

I really don't like this stories version of Hermione. It feels like she's spent half the story blowing off and ignoring him if not glaring at him. With the amount of times she's been made to do it.
6/9 c34 Guest
Still wondering about Bellatrix who from the story sounds like she had her whole mind altered from nice to cruel after being married off. Like immediately. Either by spell or contract perhaps but definitely not willingly.
6/9 c34 Guest
Developing a tracker/point me/ sensor I get. Not using the map though. The map has to tap into the school wards and has spells to read and access the info like it does.

Unless they ward the planet the map shouldn't help.

I don't understand why Voldy needs a body to be destroyed. Why is Neville sure on that too? BTW no aign on Harry reading any Grimiore let alone the Potters.

The anchored soul pieces keep the main soul earth bound. Once removed he should either pass on immediately or whenever the animal or other thing he is possessing gives out and dies. Unless he tries switching bodies before said thing dies. Then he should be pass with the main soul not anchored to anything and the rest of the anchors gone.
6/9 c33 Guest
Where the crap has Luna been?
6/8 c32 Guest
Completely unbelievable that every single one sat there and gave up on their lives with their personalities.

Fricken phone slipped..
6/8 c32 Guest
do hereby vow to serve the magical realm of Britannia, with justice, with compassion, with wisdom, with honour, and with valour. I take this seat as a symbol of my duties to the people of Britain. So I swear, so shall it be!"

If the death eaters took such a vow how were they able to break it? That's some severe twisting.

The major thing though that makes this chapter complete garbage sadly is the way the trial ended. It made no damn sense.

You're telling me all those death eaters sat there through Lucius running his mouth. Not only did none silence him. But after all being outted, sat there twiddling their thumbs till they were checked and arrested knowing they'd be damned?

If even half of them suddenly let maximum bombardas fly at the others they'd likely of killed everyone else there. Then could either attempt a desperate take over or make a run for it. Either being a better choice than just letting themselves be arrested and taken to Azkaban or frenching the dementors directly.

It is completely unbeki
6/8 c31 Guest
Forgot to say before butnwhy the hell did Hagrid look at Harry disdainfully at the end of his lesson? Still no explanation on his sudden change in not just look but even his way of speaking.
6/8 c30 Guest fucking long you make Remus sit on his ass and do nothing about the Boggart for Harry? The shit was twisted yet he kept letting it continue. Then having him yell out and expose the future with Remus kid just made the whole thing feel annoying and forced to make him expose it.
6/8 c27 Guest
To me people focus on the name Invisibility Cloak too much. A name likely given by those who obviously didn't realize it wasn't simply that. Its Deaths Cloak. A Cloak to hide from Death. That footsteps and their scent for animals would allow anyone to catch them when wearing it sounds utterly ridiculous to me.

I get the tracking charms and such especially with people coming up with them being on sewn in threads. However other than that it should hide them outright.

Instead its always only sight and revealing spells that are blocked.
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