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for Baby I'll Be Leaving Soon (Take Me Away)

6/19/2021 c1 Guest
Please continue!
1/21/2018 c1 69cmr2014
Hayes Carll. Good taste.

"I like spunk."
So we know he's not Lou Grant.

I thought it was interesting he didn't do the thing, then remembered he can only do that to Inhumans.

"He possessed nothing I did not willingly give..."
This is my problem with the people who don't like "my". My girlfriend. My wife. My lady. My lover. "I am not a thing to be owned or won!" Nobody ever said you were, but "my" indicates your relationship to someone, not that you belong to them like property. As far as "winning" or "earning" love and respect, it's about the best way to put it there is. Language has limitations.
A little similar to the "everything will be on my terms" people. If it's all you, then there is no me, and that's not something I'm signing up for. To take it back to language, it's called a "couple" for a reason, there's more than one involved, and that means two people working shit out, not one always saying what does and doesn't go. "Affection will only be received when I want it." Fine, but if the time you want affection occurs while I'm at work, sucks to be you.

"I shall learn ways to please my beloved..."
Well, practice makes perfect and all that.

"He looks again to the minion..."
Despicable Me has forever ruined me to that word, I crack a grin every time I see it.
4/3/2016 c1 323bhut
Ok, this is creepy as Hell, as everyone in the story are kind of crazy, (yes, including Jemma). I think Coulson and co. will have their hands full minimizing the fallout, the bloodshed, and the other damage.

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