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for Broken Dreams

5/2 c91 10Rogue Deity Master
This was a nice read that had some unique turn of events, you used a nice plot line that allowed the story to progress with a subtle way and allows the reader to imagine certain possiblities
5/2 c91 3Zoroarkhunter
well now
5/1 c91 Guest
nice to see Ichigo and his team establishing their bonafides
5/1 c91 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
This was a nice surprise to find after I finally got off work, good job and I look forward to what comes next and hope you're not overworking yourself with creating this was a nice surprise to find after I finally got off work, good job and I look forward to what comes next and hope you're not overworking yourself with creating this storyline.
4/17 c28 Helpful Old Man
There’s something immensely funny about “ichigo” being asked how he’s going to bring 2 still living people to the afterlife, and he just pulls out a gun.
4/2 c90 kuroshiragami0
Excited for chapter 91
4/1 c90 Guest
liking how the Naruto arc is turning out so far
4/1 c90 10Rogue Deity Master
Well I can't say that I'm not surprised over this coming, but the truth of the matter is that I am surprised. I thought that Guren was a Kekkai genkai child and that her clan was just erased like so many others, like what he did with Kimmimaru Kaguya of which he found him as a child and just trained him like a person would do with a puppy they found on the streets. A lot of the things that happened were interesting to read and I did not think you would go with the troupe where Hiashi doesn't see Hinata as his daughter but more as a pawn, so this was a slightly common troupe that I didn't think you would do. Also I take it that you have this go one while Naruto is on his journey with Jiraiya so that cuts him out of the picture to a great degree, still this also allows you to grow the rest of the characters at a decent pace. Giving Tenten Hook swords was interesting but he bigger question I have is whether you went with the Shaolin hook sword model or did you go with some of the different versons what were spawned from them. I mean seriously for all I can guess is that you went down the road like Kabal from Mortal Kombat went down in which he uses so many version that show little to barely any to the original design of the swords.

All in all, this was a good read that was very surprising to find. I look forward to the next chapter and what future plotlines you plan to make and produce.
3/31 c90 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
This was good and a very nice surprise, it was incredible and well made and I was surprised on several fronts. I was even more surprised when you incorporated hook swords, I actually used to have a friend who had a pair until he had an accident. That accident is now the reason we call him stumpy, he decided to get rid of them and I paid him $400 for them. Even funnier is we would have been able to get his hand back if a wild dog from the neighborhood didn't run off with it, we laughed our asses off at the whole ordeal by the same time. We felt terrible about it. I look forward to what you have coming next and it should be fun.
3/16 c89 3Zoroarkhunter
Out of curiosity will this mean that the remaining Justice league will have to deal with Child, or has the events of her interaction on that Earth already come to pass? I was just curious over this matter since my Cousin is a major nerd when it comes to comics, so if I DIDN'T ask there was a chance he would give he crap. Still though I have to imagine how the people who chose to come along will adapt to their new homes, more over the big one I'm curious on is where Harley and Ivy will go like maybe their is an section where the plant life is abundant allowing true foliage to live. I bet that there would be people who live with nature and not against it allowing the plant life to thrive and pollution to be down, Bet she would be over the moon for a place where she isn't considered a weirdo. As for Raven I believe she will find some inner peace with her father being destroyed, though she can also begin to try and live her life without fear that he will destroy it all. Zatana and her father could start anew without the issues they had in their home dimension, maybe even focus on having a famous life of entertainment through their magic. I bet Zatana will even give her father a heart attack when it comes to her dating some of the natives since Ichigo's home reality is filled with so many different powers and things that could be either amazing or fearful. Then again so many things are mixing allowing things to become more interesting so there is the idea of how the newcomers will mix with some of the other things. Like a funny thing is if Raven gets interested in mixing with the DxD parts since they could be able to handle some of her interests, or if Zatana mixed with the Wizarding world to get the hang of that type of magic.

Going through several chapters I came to find that the next arc for this will be the Naruto arc which will be interesting and gets me curious on the path you take but then I debate whether I will care or not, I mean a long time ago I helped create a village made from the ruminants of smaller villages that were destroyed during the great ninja wars. A causality of war in which their villages were just in the way and were destroyed because the major villages didn't care. The five major villages all have blood on their hands and all had a hand in making my creation. There were clans who lost so much because the five major villages attacked them because they didn't side with them, so beware the Village hidden in Ashes.

"In the ashes of war, our village will rise"
3/10 c89 1Silvia Bartarelli1
one story ichiruki please
3/5 c89 1BloodkingEclipse
Loving the story but I have a quick question, with the way the reverse side of the world is now merged with the main layer what happened to drakon academy now since they haven't been mentioned since ichigo rescued his sisters
3/1 c89 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Thank God. I wrote down the order of the arcs mentioned earlier, now I know what's coming next. This was actually quite fun and you ended on quite a unique note in my opinion, I hope you keep up the good work and I look forward to it comes next. Since I know the next ark, I'm curious to know who you plan to collect and who you plan to eliminate. Hopefully you get rid of that snake along with his little whipping boy. Not to mention the weed and the moron who can't tell when he's being tricked.
3/1 c89 2bloody dragon fang
I'm guessing that Ichigo will make a war world in his home dimension, maybe that will where he has all his newly made soldiers made from Krytonian bodies and scarab's. I feel that the next arc will be a real challenge to the reader because they will be on edge trying to guess what the next big thing to happen. I forgot what the next part is but that makes it all the better to guess what the next arc can be and who it's linked to.
3/1 c89 10Rogue Deity Master
Well this is the end of the DC ark of which means that there is a great leap toward the Naruto Arc which will be freaking hilarious and awesome. I really look forward to that arc and I have to wonder how things will turn out, I wonder who he will recruit if he does and how this fate breaker will change things. I hope Ichigo doesn't get his own version of the Rinnigan or better yet the Shar-rinnigan with a fusion with the Byakugan. Maybe he will take out the Shinobi on the moon because that guy majorly got me P. since he destroyed Hinata's home, nearly killed her father, stole her sisters eyes and brainwashed Hinata into marrying him for some really pathetic reason. I have my own thoughts and my own connections that make things interesting, but the author has their own plan for this and I will respect that plan.
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