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3/13 c4 darthkratos24
Okay I can get Uryƫ and Orihime I think it's dumb given the context in the anime but I get it you're a fan... But Karin and toshiro... You do know you have a man over 100 YEARS OLD! Dating a child... She 13 at most my dude what the fuck is wrong with you? Pedo shit disgusting
3/13 c3 darthkratos24
I like the story only found one probably honestly but this hell "arc" felt incredibly forced if I'm being honest it didn't flow at all and essentially boiled down to. Ichigo in bidding sisters gone goes to hell fights worse then canon being stronger then canon loses then gains power up and wins the end... I feel like you just wanted the hell powers and this was the best you could come up with and if so hay not to bad I've read worse but damn i did not enjoy. Let's see what the next chapter brings
3/13 c2 darthkratos24
I remember now! What an insult to his mom you did by making him melt the cross into a ring... Total dick move and completely pointless making it a ring won't make it work differently if anything it now doesn't fucking work dumbass move. "hey mom I'm keeping the cross to remember you... Oh yea I just bloody melted it down" knowing a little about Japanese custom with the dead I highly doubt they'd do that. They don't melt a samurai's katana down because it's disrespectful, melting a Quincy's cross down would be equal to that seeing as it's a Quincy's weapon. Completely retarded move
3/12 c1 1BadKiss
where is this going, all i see is ichigo getting absurdly overpowered xd
3/1 c1 Writer2018
I honestly wanted to like this story, but this is just bad. It's akin to sniffing a moldy egg casserole from the back of my fridge: a stupid waste of time for something rotten that belongs in the trash.

Now, I hope I have your attention and that you can improve your writing, but that's not why I'm here. I'm sending this message on behalf of my friend (a fun, actual accomplished author and assistant site administrator) Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus.

Review Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus's story, Farting Anime Girls Do Stink

You don't have to read it, just give him a good review. It doesn't have to be long, just some quick praise will suffice. He's trying to win a contest, and for that he needs a large amount of good reviews.

If you fail to comply by not responding or worse yet, attempt to leave a negative review, I will report your account to both The Critics United as well as the other site administrators for deletion. Do not think of blocking or reporting us. I will find out and there will be consequences if you do something stupid to him, especially during his difficult time.

If you troll my friend, be warned we will troll you, your fics and all of your followers. We will also place your shit fic in our other friend's community, Shit Fics That Need a Good Flame, so that everyone here will make fun of you. Since we don't want it to come to that, just write a short, good review for his story and we'll leave you alone.

So give my friend the good review he deserves and proceed wisely. He's been a member here since 2005. He recently had a bad year and has been through hard times. Help him out and don't be a moron.

- Writer2018

3/1 c82 10Rogue Deity Master
Well this was a somewhat rushed chapter that is well made and thought through, still I am curious to know what will be the next cross over.
2/28 c82 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Well, this was an interesting chapter to read yet at the same time there is a lot of drama and such compacted into it. I look forward to the next one in a few months, but at the same time I'm curious to know where exactly this will head . Although I am curious to know what the next crossover will be. Just waiting until this is finished is quite the hassle, I have been keeping myself busy with multiple crossovers and other series that are unique to me at least.
2/18 c81 10Rogue Deity Master
Good luck with whatever you are doing
1/1 c81 2bloody dragon fang
Well I have n complaint about the uploading schedule since it's your life and I find that the author has all the right to choose what to do. Still though you must really want to end this arc with how this chapter went, I don't blame you as this arc seems like the big middle finger to some of the readers but that is my opinion. Good luck to you and I hope things go well for you in getting your masters degree.
1/1 c81 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Cool work, somewhat rushed but good job.
12/8/2022 c28 Dreams0fCalamity
This is probably the most chaotic crossover I've ever read in my life. It's tropey as all hell, but man is it a fun read.
12/3/2022 c1 Cold side of the flame
I thought this gon be a normal bleach ff you know, the way you make ichigo talk kinda abit oc no? but the Highschool dxd crossover is abit too much for me
12/2/2022 c80 2bloody dragon fang
Huh, not bad
11/1/2022 c79 bloody dragon fang
Well this was a surprise but still a nice read that held a special twist making the reader desire more
10/22/2022 c77 5lovetohug35
somethingsomething always bothered me was that ichigo wanted yuzu and karin to get stronger but he never gave hem shrifts
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