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5/24 c6 agnar
I don't really understand why giants and trolls are deemed so hard to kill. Their skins aren't impervious to harm like the Nemean Lion, just magic-resistant. Transfigure things into giant javelins or spears and banish them into the HUGE targets.
5/19 c9 6Chalayne
12/24/2023 c6 1Judyn1
Enjoying the story. Thank you. It’s been a while since you asked but in case someone else wants to know: time is the fire by Oddment Tweak. Temporal mechanics give everyone a headache but i really like this story, also.
12/24/2023 c9 Karebear70
Really enjoyed this story, it was great!
7/23/2023 c9 mumphie
Loved it! :)
6/30/2023 c9 Darceyfan
I really enjoyed how original and well written this story is.
6/3/2023 c9 midnightscar17
Hes not 86 yrs old
7/11/2022 c9 Guest
Great job!

Now write one where Severus is the tarnished good guy, where he felt forced into joining up with Voldeshorts then comes to his senses, etc.
7/11/2022 c6 Guest
The shrunken, deaged giant and troll babies - and their needing to be changed - cracked me up!
5/31/2022 c6 9WyrdSmith
Phylacteries, not prophylactics.
1/19/2022 c9 ak
bonne fic!
12/10/2021 c9 Ame's world
A wonderful fanfic !
Thanks a lot ! ️
12/6/2021 c9 Incantations7
I rather enjoyed the ending to this short story!
9/14/2021 c9 odonnellzoo99
Good things happen when Albus’s plans get messed up. Good story.
9/13/2021 c1 odonnellzoo99
Excellent start
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