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for Angry birds Stella: The Ruby ring

6/22/2019 c1 Guest
Maybe Stella could also introduce Calypso to her other friends on Piggy Island Red, Terence, Bubbles, Chuck, Jay, Jake, Jim, Matilda, Bomb, Hal, Silver and Mighty Eagle
5/18/2019 c1 700mary.okeeffe.16
I love it when Stella gets into actions. She doesn't use violence and uses her bubbles wisely.
10/5/2018 c8 63I. M. Rally
Can you continue, pls?
10/5/2018 c6 I. M. Rally
I really wanna go to Crystal Island! If I was there or my OC
10/5/2018 c5 I. M. Rally
The new character is quite interesting
7/2/2018 c4 I. M. Rally
CLIFFHANGER! And when the characters mentioned the events from the episodes, that means this is some kind of sequel or something
7/2/2018 c3 I. M. Rally
I love a great picnic! Curse you, Gale!
7/2/2018 c2 I. M. Rally
Yay! Try everything! One of my favorite songs! Zootopia is my favorite too! Great job on this
7/2/2018 c1 I. M. Rally
Wow! This is very interesting!
1/20/2018 c8 Nigel
I was not expecting that o_o

bet if he pulled on the root it might pull the bush, along with the hornets down with it. that would not be fun :

hm, if the insides of the houses don't get "crystallized", then does that mean that any bird(or whatever the heck lives on this island, right now it seems like pretty much anything could) who were inside them at the time wouldn't have been crystalized and would be trapped alive? seen as the crystal seems to make doors unable to open, they couldn't escape. hope misty has some "Reviving" spell :/

and. the hell is wrong with those pigs? licking a tree? jus ? why lick crystal? did they think its candy or something?
1/20/2018 c8 Nigel
how can it wear shoes if it has no limbs?
1/20/2018 c7 Nigel
eye see what you did there ;)
1/20/2018 c5 Nigel
how does an island sink.
7/19/2017 c7 61Tiger Of Darkness
It's good to see you and your work in action again!
12/6/2016 c6 Tiger Of Darkness
Pretty good, but all this talk about crystals is making me think of Kirby.
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