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5/11 c11 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
OK this story is awesome...
5/1 c11 722The Cowardly Christian
Mcgucket and an army of robots...need I say more?

Great chapter!

Th Deep end...I'd suggest you do something with Wendy, Dipper and a bikini...but I think we both know you won't use it this point...

Dang it, why are so many of the good writers refusing to do anything related to ENF?
4/30 c11 4Monster King
Awesome I loved it
4/29 c1 5Fox Boss
There needs to be more Community/Gravity Falls fics! I even have a few ideas for some. Interested?
4/29 c11 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
4/29 c11 10Plumalchemyst
Poor stan
4/29 c11 4Gamelover41592
awesome and glad Ford is back but there are still problems to come it seems
12/18/2020 c10 Strlo
Like your story. Hope your writers block disappears and the drive to write this story hasn't.
4/14/2020 c10 27fereality
Keep up the good work
7/12/2019 c3 Mimeomia
fucking filler chapter.
7/12/2019 c2 Mimeomia
boring jokes are boring, grammar is getting worse.

I really hate when characters are dumb for plot's convenience, they literally had a memory erasing gun and didn't think of using it on gideon, pretty much the only villain besides bill.
7/12/2019 c1 Mimeomia
lots of words need fixing.

If this was my my story I would erase everything before the rolling of the dice, it didn't add anything to the story,it wasn't funny and it almost made me stop reading.

I don't really remember much of the episode so the part with grenda didn't really made much sense to me, like,
'' we just time traveled but an experienced time traveler appears to explain things to us, better wait for that useless unimportant kid before we get any kind of explanation!''

I would like this even more if it was just mabel and dipper that time traveled, heck the twin uncles too but adding mabel's friends plus the gowing orbs is a bit too much.

The time baby thing was weird too, what's the point of allowing them to change things ''to prevent his death'' if he's not even going to try to tell them how to prevent that?
2/23/2019 c10 Guest
More pls!
2/23/2019 c7 Guest
Yay! Doctor Who reference!
2/23/2019 c10 722The Cowardly Christian
huh, well the stone was interesting and I'm happy for Stan winning...

But i was kinda hoping to see some chaos caused at the store...

Oh, well. It was an alright chapter and i'm glad your doing this story again
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