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for Forgotten Tales of Middle-earth: A Change of Fortunes

10/19 c91 Aashi
As much as I admire Bard he really needs to let Tilda live her life. She is not small any longer. The ending and Tilda's realization made my heart happy! I hope you have recovered and are feeling better. Many blessings to you!
10/18 c91 djhay4
I'm so sorry you've gotten sick with COVID-19. Hoping you're feeling better by now. Poor Kili. I know he'll save Tilda but what he must be going through right now.I'm annoyed with Bard. I understand where he's coming from but now Kili can't tell her about being his One.
I'm so interested in who you've made be the kidnappers. I don't think it's Denethor or he would never have become the future steward. Kili would have killed him or Bard had him executed (well, in my mind that makes sense). Here's hoping you find your muse again soon. Take care of yourself!
10/17 c91 SpringViolets
I think Bard is scared of losing his youngest child. He probably still sees her as a little girl despite the fact she's blossoming into womanhood. This is a touching scene despite the fact the Bard and Kíli are kind of squaring off in a way. Both of them love Tilda so much - one as a father and the other as a potential lover. Tilda suspects Denethor is behind the kidnapping. I wonder if maybe there is something darker at play then just hurt feelings on Denethor's part. I can see him as trying to have Kíli locked away because the dwarf is a potential rival. Some other part of me sees him as being above such a move if that makes sense. I hope you feel better soon! The coof isn't fun.
10/10 c91 Jessa
Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! I had the 'rona last year so I feel your pain. I loved Kili and Bard's chat. I can see Bard's point of view; it's so hard to let a child grow up and make such a life altering decision. I also loved those uncouth men and their potty talk! Lol.
10/9 c91 Ever Play
Oh man! Sorry to hear about you being sick! I had CV19 last month and my family, friends, and coworkers are all vaxxed. I’m still trying to think how I got it after taking the vaccine. I feel your pain, I honestly do.
The chapter is divine! Great use of suspense. I’m trying to figure out who the guilty party is. Part of me wonders if Denethor is involved and there isn’t something far darker up.
10/9 c91 5Celebrisilweth
Daddy's are never ready to let their little girls go; and at leas Bard has no objections to Kili. I would not want to be in Denethor's shoes when either Tilda or Kili catch up to him (whether it's his fault or not).

So sorry you're ill. Praying for a speedy and complete recovery.
10/9 c91 21AmandaBaker852
Hope you feel better soon. I look forward to Kili rescuing Tilda.
10/9 c91 18Luinwen-2013
Great chapter, as always!
I hope Kíli and Bard find their comon treasure soon enough.
Why are the kidnappers after her, after all? Denethor is a jerk, but I don't believe he wouls step so low - unless he set this up to rescue her himself o prove his value?
About your health, take good care of yourself, rest lots and hydrate, may Estë bless you with a full and quick recovery!
10/9 c91 29Sparky She-Demon
Another great chapter, loved the chat between Bard and Kili!
10/9 c91 8Robinbird79
Well at least Bard isn’t outright saying no. Glad Tilda is thinking the same about Denethor “does he really think this will make me marry him?” And was that a P&P line thrown in there as well (a Lizzie rejecting Collins line?)? :)
10/4 c90 Jordache
The intrigue and romance is killer! Love it.
10/5 c90 djhay4
Oh no! What a cliffhanger! I don't think Denethor is involved this time, but possibly a group hoping to get a ransom for a princess. At least we know Kili will save her. And hopefully admit she's his OneDenethor has a bit of his crazy arrogance here, thinking he could jail Kili because he touched him. Thank goodness his grandfather and father were of better minds.
Hoping your muse stays with you for a long while!
10/2 c90 Jessa
Ack! Tilda! Oh geez. I'm wondering if maybe it's not Denethor. He's a pushy, bratty sort but maybe not up to kidnapping. Kili is going to kick some serious ass. No joke.
10/2 c90 Ever Play
Uh oh. Kili’s going to bust someone up. Tilda what are you thinking? Poor Tauriel is going to feel guilty! Bring Tilda back Kili!
10/2 c90 SpringViolets
I think that dwarven merchant is somehow involved! He seems shady to moi. ;)

Every chapter is a freaking gem. Tilda how could you? Now Kili will need to search all creation in order to get you back. And smooch you silly when he does? I hope. Excellent chapter!
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