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4/13 c25 4VampireCass
I can not express how much I have absolutely loved this fanfiction of skip beat! It feels like the manga but 100 times better. The manga honestly should pick up this fanfiction and make you a co author. I loved every minute of reading it. I have never loved, laughed and felt all the emotions along with a story as much as this one.
I genuinely hope that you can write up a sequel to follow on from this story. You are an amazing author, and I wish you the best. I truly hope you follow on with this passion of yours.
12/3/2023 c12 valie france
J'ai découvert ton histoire et je ne peux m'empêcher de la lire encore et encore page après page ; cette histoire me paraît si réelle , si magique et magnifique que je voudrais la connaitre par coeur . Je pourrai te marquer ceci à chaque chapitre que je lis tant mon coeur est en apesanteur . CETTE HISTOIRE sortie de tes pensées est incroyablement bien écrite . MERCI DE TOUT MON COEUR DE ME FAIRE RËVER .
11/9/2023 c25 H-Nala
Thank you for the wonderful story from across the ocean.
10/30/2023 c25 Viktoriia
Yeah, looks like you’ve wrote these words years ago, and I am grateful nevertheless. I will probably reread it along with the original manga multiple times :)
Thanks and hugs from 2023
10/29/2023 c18 Guest
Thank you for the story! It’s so refreshingly fast-paced in comparison to Nakamura-sensei’s style. It helps with waiting for another chapter, but also at some point I’m afraid I may start confusing the plots Anyways, I really enjoy your work!

A side note from Russian-speaking person: “До скорой встречи, люблю, Куон “ (or “с любовью» that is literally translated as “with love”) sounds more natural ️

Thanks and hugs to Sweden from Ukrainian girl from the Netherlands
10/27/2023 c4 Viktoriia
It’s hot and cute :) I just think Kyoko wouldn’t call him Ren just yet but Ren-kun? I mean, they did became awfully close, but I feel like when though Kyoko finds it as an opportunity to grow and be with the man she loves, she is not ready to admit her feelings to him yet, so she would still put some walls… Does it make sense?
10/27/2023 c3 Viktoriia
Thank you, it’s fun!
9/10/2023 c25 1Noveisadoge
Oh wow congratulations! On your family, degree, license, and completion of this story. I’ve enjoyed it!
9/3/2023 c25 20Daikon
Ahhh I love it! What a lovely way to end the story, with Kyoto fully supported and blossoming and Ren and her finally able to move in together.

Thank you for writing, I’ve enjoyed reading this over the years!
9/2/2023 c25 Guest
Glad to see you back no rush hugs
9/2/2023 c25 Goodtome
All I can say awwww so adorable loved every moment I’ll surely be waiting for the last and final post to this wonderful heart felt story and congrats on the family and congratulations on your wedding to come I really appreciate your hard work on this and your completing the story thanks and letting us in on your life as well thank you
9/1/2023 c25 chibi monsta
Thank you so much for finishing the story. It's wonderful as always
9/1/2023 c25 29Parkerbear
Hi there! So many, many feels. I joined the fandom about two years ago and your story was one of the first I read. Over the past two years, a lot changed for me too, and I often thought about this story- fondly, wistfully, wondering what would happen next. Along with some other stories and authors, this fic inspired me to start writing myself. I hoped you were OK and that life was going well, and congratulations on the medical license and family! I'm so grateful that you gave us this last chapter. I thought it brought everything together in a really satisfying and cute package. I'm really looking forward to re-reading the entire story now, start to finish. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you send us some epilogues, I, for one, would be grateful. But I also know how hard it gets to write when everything is so busy. So... regardless, sending you my thanks and many well wishes for you and your family.

8/31/2023 c25 6IceFireLuv
Love it!
7/9/2023 c1 T7B5T
Quiero que sepas, que me encanto como le has dado un sentido mas profundo a los nombres y objetos, de verdad la mejor historia que he encontrado en fanfics de skip beat, espero que lo alargues un poco mas, gracias (Chap: 24)

I want you to know that I loved how you have given deeper meaning to the names and objects. It truly is the best story I have come across in Skip Beat fanfics. I hope you extend it a little further. Thank you! (Chap: 24)
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