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for The Heels' reunion in Guam

1/6/2022 c22 T7B5T
Me gustaría ver la reacción del público y ellos en la alfombra roja. es para el capitulo 24 que no me deja poner mas comentarios.
12/5/2021 c24 Guest
When is the new chapter please updated chapter please
10/12/2021 c24 T7B5T
En realidad no me acuerdo pq puse eso en el capitulo 24 pero, ¿has cambiado algunas cosas no? al menos yo no lo recuerdo así
I don't really remember because I put that in chapter 24 but, have you changed some things, haven't you? at least I don't remember it like that
10/7/2021 c17 iamyuki
Hey, if she trusted him too much why hasn't she confessed yet? All these tension is bad for my heart. I don't know anymore
10/5/2021 c24 Sereaya
Someone mentioned your fanfic in the Skip Beat discord group and I was not expecting to get so addicted to your story, I simply loved it!
Thank you for your time writing this masterpiece. I know life can be busy and writing a fanfic with this length wasn’t easy, but I can’t wait for the next chapter(s)!
8/18/2021 c24 Guest
I really love this story. Hope to see an update soon.
5/24/2021 c1 3filly8
i was up until 5:30 am last night reading this is everything i wanted from a Heel fic! it like you took the cravings i had for fanfiction and put it into words. The plot was smooth. the writing is quality and ghe characters felt so true to character. It was all just *chefs kiss*

I'm glad i saw this recc'd somewhere, i normally only read completed works so this didnt show up when i filtered.
5/13/2021 c24 H-Nala
Such an emotional rollercoaster!
5/2/2021 c24 3Rapunzel
I have read a lot of Skip Beat fanfiction and yours is my absolute favourite, it's exciting, heart warming, funny & insightful, you have a great understanding of the characters. I'm so glad you have continue this story again. This is my third read through, I simply love your writing!
5/2/2021 c24 julietasarard
I loved! It took me several weeks to finish it but I finally made it. I totally loved the plot, and the plot of the movie too, the improvisations, everything! I'm the one who asked you on the facebook page about your ff. (Amber JS) Finally I was able to finish reading it and I really liked it, the process was very difficult because I always see Setsu and Cain as brothers, but as the it developed, Especially Kyoko's feelings, I loved how it all turned out, the lines are great. It is very well written and that is very important. I haven't checked your profile yet, To see if you have other stories, but this is definitely one of my favorite ff's. And one of my favorite authors.
4/27/2021 c24 BlindSaya
Someone recommended your fanfic in the skip beat fb group and I'm really glad to the person who did. Thanks to them I've found gold and diamonds so thank you for this lovely and amazing story, I'm absolutely looking forward to the next chapter.
4/24/2021 c24 5alittledirtyfangirl
That was hella amazing
4/21/2021 c24 Moyocoytzin
Oh dear you got me hooked!
I jumped on this story today morning and couldn't stop myself from reading it all day until the last published chapter !
I got so involved in it, it's so well put together and I really don't know how to express everything it made me feel! Even had me getting the hots in some scenes!
You have my full support because you just got yourself one more fan! Can't wait for the next chapter :)
4/17/2021 c24 10black neko hime
Thank you for continuing to write this story! I find myself looking forward to the next chapter already. The bracelet is so charming. It tickles me.
I'm looking forward to chapter 3 of their movie. I love when they get to be happy together on screen, too. That scene at the beginning was ROUGH, but you wrote it so well. I would have struggled to actually watch it.

Again, great job and thank you!
4/16/2021 c24 Guest
thanks for that beatiful story, it really helped lipf up my mood more often than not :)
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