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12/15/2020 c16 Diarona
Discovered your tale several days ago and have finally made in through Chapter 16. This is so different from any other LOTR 'Mary Sue' type story I've encountered on this site. Feels like Danielle's thoughts on reincarnation stem from her own lives. Haldir recognized her face ... the face of his younger sister? Who was tortured by Sauron and his orcs? She had a purpose for enduring those horrors; she was protecting someone. Someone more important than her life.

She appears to have be reborn numerous times, until this current life where she could have died as a child from that spider bite ... except for the glowing, beautiful man who was perhaps ... okay, very likely ... Elrond. She had to survive. She still has a purpose; a mission to fulfill. something to do with the way she sometimes knows what will occur before it actually happens?

As you can tell I am very intrigued by this story. It's been quite some time since it was updated. I hope that means that, like the rest of us, you've had other more pressing issues (including your health) to keep you occupied. Care for you first. I hope you are well or healing. If someday you can share more of this tale with us, we'll be pleased to read it. Stay strong.

Thanks for this walk through Middle Earth.
11/28/2020 c15 3Scylla's revenge
I hope you're able to update your story soon! I don't know why but your writing makes me feel very nostalgic. It takes me back to reading LOTR back in grade school and staying up until 3 am to finish the next chapter and getting so worried for the characters even though I'd already read it five times.
Does that make sense? Either way, your story makes me feel warm and fuzzy and I'm looking forward to reading more!
11/9/2020 c16 4PurplePlumPie
I almost flew through your story as I just needed to know how it would continue. I love Danielle as a character and I cannot wait for her and Legolas (lets hope) to get together. First, I also like the interactions with Boromir but gradually that disappeared, now it ist just plain creepy.
You cannot imagine my joy when I saw you updated this year! I just love your story. I like the turns it takes and the way you portray the characters. It is easily one of the few best Lotr stories I have read.

Please continue soon and stay safe and healthy during times like these
10/25/2020 c16 7Eternal Cosmic Sailor Saturn
I'm curious what you are doing here. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this story, I just can't figure out where you are going with it. :) Hopefully your health issues are being dealt with carefully so that you avoid exposure to COVID and can keep writing this wonderful story.
9/22/2020 c16 3Scylla's revenge
I'm very intrigued by the whole dreaming-she's-other-people thing, and now the dreams are kind of becoming reality? Very mysterious.
I really like this story so far, and I'm impressed by how much thought and effort you've clearly put into it!
9/22/2020 c8 Scylla's revenge
So Haldir recognized her! That's quite the plot twist. I always enjoy stories more when I don't quite know where they're going!
I hate to see Boromir getting possessive or cruel though- poor guy. I liked his crush on Danielle so far even though my "he's gonna die" senses have been going off for a while.
9/21/2020 c1 Scylla's revenge
Shoot, she was in the wilderness for 20 days? I have no idea if that's realistic or not (although you seem to have done your research!) but yikes poor thing.
This is a strong start and I'm looking forward to what happens next!
9/9/2020 c16 1lilly042004
Oh my word I just found this and obsessed. Please write soon! I need to know how this plays out.
4/15/2020 c16 3Biku-sensei-sez-meow
Good God, she's gonna run herself raged and die from all that stress! That's a hell of a song list though, I only know half of them. She (you?) has good taste!
3/28/2020 c15 Winter kiss
Love this story! Hope you update again soon! ;)
3/27/2020 c15 Biku-sensei-sez-meow
Man, I'd forgotten how much I loved Danielle as a character. She's just wonderful to read, and I imagine she's a treat to write, what with her mannerisms and tendency to ramble.

I don't remember if I reviewed before when I read this the first time, I might have been at that stage where I just jumped from story to story without thought. But I do remember thinking about this one quite often, it was particularly interesting, and got me really emotional at times. It's got this charm to it, the supernatural spiritual elements mixing with the fantasy world exceptionally well. And of course, Danielle is the perfect medium to experience this through.

I am so sorry to hear about everything that has happened to you. I can't even imagine how much it messed with your life, your hobbies, interests. I'm glad to see you seem to be doing well (as well as you can) and that you still have the passion and inspiration that started this story. You have my admiration and respect, as well as my congratulations! One thing I can understand is the feeling of finally knowing where your story will go, and the absolute thrill it is, the euphoria you feel when things fall into place, like it was so obvious and always meant to be. I hope that passion stays alive, even if the story doesn't.
4/16/2018 c14 Daphne10
I truly enjoyed finding and reading this story so far. The Monty python quotes made me choke on my coffee a little and the image of Legolas dressed as Else was a treat. I am looking forward to an update soon I hope. Keep writing and being you!
2/20/2018 c14 Dorothy
Yes an update would be awesome I love this story it’s one of my favorites
12/30/2017 c4 silverhawk88
I haven’t said a review for this story yet. I think so far this story is a bit slow, but it is really good! I like the fall into ME stories. What I like even more is when they don’t automatically know the same language and they have to learn it.

I also noticed that Danielle might be immune to the Rings influence. I might be looking into that too much.

I also hope you find inspiration to continue writing. Thank you for what you have posted.
12/19/2017 c1 jshaw0624
All I want for Christmas is an update, Please!
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