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12/12/2020 c8 HellRaiderS
Loved it
7/27/2020 c8 1ff1c
OK, this is not what i usually read... but when you look into the abiss, the abiss looks back into you... ok, bad pun.
So where was I... it's not what i usually read, it's erotic, i'm a male so... i have no regrets.
Despite the smut, i will reiterate the questions in the last, or second to the last review; what happened to butler, why is this going on, why the change in artemis, what happened to the fowl enterprise, and the most important one : Why doesn't holly stick the baseball bat down the other major's throat... it would remove the pole stuck ... in the abiss... maybe.
Keep going, i like the explosive and gut twisting action you display in the story, Good job!
7/21/2020 c8 Guest
Just found this story and I'm digging it. Hope it is still being updated. Dying to know what happened to Butler, what other reason Artemis is doing in haven, and whether Holly or Artemis is going to fuck Blaize up.
7/11/2020 c8 Interestedview
Is this story still going on or is it discontinued because the story is amazing. Plus what is with Artemis. His mood change when it focuses on him. So I hope the story continues on. Thx and have a day or evening as well stay safe.
4/27/2020 c8 DrkSlash
love this story. hope u update it soon with more chaprers. thanks for the hard work
4/18/2020 c7 24kenriot1214
I love it but I wish you went into more detail about the size difference se x wise. Even if he's average he would be massive to an elf and stretch her stomach out with his piece.
4/17/2020 c8 KahnaNe
What a treat! Thanks for the awesome update!
4/17/2020 c8 kenriot1214
Love this story can't wait for more
4/3/2019 c7 KahnaNe
I don't know what I want to read more... some more plot details and answers as to Artemis' unusual reactions or more smut because they're both just great. Looking forward to whatever comes next!
6/7/2018 c7 3Thatguyphepsy
Loves need more
3/15/2018 c7 Parzivalit
Can’t wait till the next chapter
3/7/2018 c7 30Nerf585
Love it
1/7/2018 c7 0800
Nice chapter, this probably has to be my favorite so far! Very steamy! Haha XD XP
*two thumbs up* :)
1/6/2018 c7 Gespenter
welcome back, and this was a etertaining return
1/4/2018 c7 1johndoe733
holycrapholycrapholycrap another chapter it's been so long
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