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7/2/2011 c23 magdilen
Great job! Very touching.
7/28/2010 c23 8Dark-Angel-Princess 01 sad! and Yet so Happy and wonderful! Please tell me ur gonna make a sequel and Joey and KAIBA CAN MEET AGAIN!
3/7/2009 c23 NemoChan320
very well done! loved it! ^_^
6/28/2008 c23 10skipper3
Awesome story. I read it all at once. :3
9/2/2007 c1 35HARPG0
I loved the Chihuahua reference! It was a good stab at Joey and just the kind of remark that would make his blood boil. Just curious, why did Joey look back at Kaiba? Ex. "...shot another look at Kaiba." Did he hear a sound or see a shadow move?

A good start-

Keep writing!

7/5/2005 c23 Intoxicated Biscuit
Aww, such a cute ending. It actually made me cry. o_o;; Tears of joy.

I'm so pathetic. T-T
7/4/2005 c18 Intoxicated Biscuit
I heart it. ^_~ Good job.
11/5/2004 c23 1lenanR
nice story

i loved it
9/2/2004 c1 1Egyptian Demon 666
That was an awsome story, keep writing!
8/8/2004 c23 17Obscured Illusions
oh.. this was an absolutely wonderful story! ^^ definitely going on my favorites list. Great job!

6/1/2004 c8 37Murai-Sakura
this story nis way too long so i couldn't finish it reading, too bad but I guess I'll have to continue to read this tomorrow..mayeb even tomorrowmorning. I'm not quite sure yet. Anyways, if I got this far, it has to be a good fic right? What am I saying? It's awesome! and I love the angel, she is totally angel-like, you really did a good job on that character, gongratulations. I wish i could make this review a little longer but mom is calling, so if the story isn't finished yet, update soon "grin"
5/29/2004 c23 1Jackiie-ROCKSTARR I am in a rare mood right now.

It is 11:26pm, and I am feeling all cool and fuzzy inside! Yay! This story is so swet! EXXCCELENT JOB!

Please write a pure setoxjoey fic, this one was too cool!

Keep on writing!

HuGz & KiSsEz

1/22/2004 c7 52Dreamweaving
Oh NO! Ep! Must read next chapter!
1/18/2004 c23 16Flameofdeath
That. was. the. BEST. ending. I've. EVER. read.
*gives you YGO fanfic author of the Month award*
1/8/2004 c23 Kittani-Darkante
Oh My God! That was so sweet! Poor Joey! I ended up reading this entire story in under an hour cause I needed to know what happened.
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