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4/7/2016 c1 1NCWriting
more comrade more..
4/7/2016 c1 Maroon567
Kodok. If what you said that nealy all pilot of strangereal are deadly with their aircraft or their TSF

Along side with their (strangereal) superweapon

I got an idea for another muv-luv x ace combat crossover. That during the battle in strangereal (basiclly the war in the ace combat game except they using tsf instead aircraft and no beta or atleast small number of beta [probably killed by stonehedge or anykind superweapon during planet fall].

And somehow during the final battle on each game (Ace combat 4,5,6, or zero ore new ace combat 7), mission succes and they got teleported to muv-luv alernative or total eclipse or schwarzesmarken (take your pick) along side with their enemy and their friend

Or if you want easy part how about teleport the entire ace combat solar system near muv-luv world (that was a joke don't take it seriously)

Oke gitu aja dok pak kodok, kalo nyari ide buat muv-luv x ace combat crossovernya

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