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for You're a Long Way from Home - Rocket Raccoon in Zootopia

4/18 c1 4TheAdventuresofCirceandHype
Hey, McNight12. Not sure if you actually read these reviews. But I just wanted to say that this is one of the best fanfics I've ever read. I was a little thrown off at the fact that you were re-writing the story of Zootopia to place Rocket within it. But the way you re-wrote the story is really working out so far. I was pleasantly surprised. You've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into tying all the loose ends changing the plot has created.

Rocket is a character I relate to a lot. I've written a few fics about him myself and I really love how you write him and his inner monologue. I feel like maybe I write him too soft sometimes. (But I write from the pov of 'Reader', so maybe my writers 'voice' sees him through rose tinted glasses.) I rather enjoy his raw, vulgar side that you demonstrate so authentically. Also, I see what you're doing here. In Zootopia, Rocket is headed straight toward being this universes version of Tony Stark. I LOVE it.

It's funny cause I read through this fic once and I thought; there's no WAY Bellweather actually has a thing for him. She's GOT to have an angle! But then two things happened. 1) I re-read the fic and realized that she absolutely does seem to genuinely have a thing for Rocket. (I'm positive she still has an angle, though.) 2) I remembered that Rocket is the sexiest thing in all of creation, so how could Bellweather NOT want him?

It makes me sad to see the team split apart but I know it's necessary. Thank you so much for updating. I was worried you never would past chapter 10. I was seriously considering reviewing a lot earlier than this just to make the offer to PAY you to finish. Yes, it's that good.

I think everything is perfect. The only nitpick I have is that one part of the story where you went into detail about the mouse in the building staring at Judy's ass as she pushed it back into place. I just feel like stuff like that comes out of nowhere and doesn't really add anything to the story. It would feel a lot more at home in a smutfic than here. I think Rocket accidentally walking in on topless Judy is fine, though. Cause stuff like that actually does happen to people. lol (And I just like the idea of hearing Rockets inner opinions of the women in his life.)

I cannot stress enough how much I love this take on Zootopia. I love how much Rocket is enjoying his first time among people like him and how it's giving him a clearer, healthier sense of self and identity. My life is hard. Reading stories like this make it a little more bearable. It might sound corny but it's true. I cannot wait to see how the story ends and what's REALLY going on in Bellweathers head.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, SO much for writing this story and continuing to do so!

Much love!
4/2 c12 3Sinikettu
Rocket doing what he does best... Pushing away the only people willing to tolerate his bullshit.

Poor Nick, he didn't deserve Rocket projecting his insecurities on him.
4/1 c12 seakard
Don't tell me. Let me guess. Dawn is STILL Behind the whole nighthowlers debacle.
3/31 c11 2Victor John Foxfire
Damn, looks like That Elephant was either Francine's old man, or her husband (The Chapter doesn't describe the age of the Elephant, and we don't exactly know how old Francine is Canonically.)... And it's understandable why Rocket would feel regret at seeing her Mourn, much of his firefights never had him deal with the aftermath of those fights, and most of his enemies either didn't have families, were disowned, or their families never got the Coroners report.

Seeing Francine mourn over the Elephant, reminds Rocket of his own Bonds with his Family of Choice, the Guardians of The Galaxy, Judy, Nick, and Groot... And that the one he killed had a similar bond with Francine.

The whole thing with the Grenade, was likely because the explosive converts organic matter into the isotopes and metals... And I can see Rocket turning THAT into a blaster rifle... And with FURTHER improvement, into a Pistol... Though that would likely be after the whole situation with Night Howler causes a terrifying arms race and Civil War that hurts Zootopia.

I wonder how Rocket will handle the whole situation.
3/31 c10 Victor John Foxfire
...Okay, the First half of the Chapter is a Non-Romantic Pure Humor, Rocket Raccoon version of the comic "Awkward Call"... NOICE. XD

Knowing her role in this, makes the whole bit with Bellwether kinda sad. Rocket would not agree to betray his fellows, nor control people through fear... And from how she reacted to Rocket standing up for her, it's likely the Nighthowler Plot would not have taken off at all had they met further back in the past.

The message she sends to Woolter, makes me think of the intro to Call of Duty 4's mission "Crew Expendable", with how aside from the 'assets' (being Judy and Rocket), everyone and everything at the Asylum is expendable... While the description of the Disguises brings to mind of Hotline Miami and the Payday games.
3/31 c9 Victor John Foxfire
...Meanwhile, Bellwether found herself peeing her panties from that sudden feeling of Fear that she can't quite pinpoint WHERE it was coming from.
3/17 c11 3Sinikettu
Yish! They yet live.

I honestly assumed that I wouldn't be seeing an update after so long.
3/15 c11 MAAC2848
Its alive!
Finally an update, I thought you won’t ever update it. Please don’t take that for the next chapter.
3/15 c11 1tomahawkESP
Holy hell, you’re back!
3/14 c11 IamOminous
Good stuff, I'm really glad your continuing this! Keep up it up its beautiful, your hard work really shows!
3/14 c11 2Sleep Student
Nice to have you back
11/23/2020 c10 Guest
Dear McKnight2012
Your story is really awesome when Rocket was in the story of Zootopia. I can't even stop reading your story over and over because of the action and any other thing that makes your story really cool.
I wish i can read the next chapter and see how it will end.
I will waited patienly to give you some room to make the story.
6/30/2020 c10 Guest
Please continue this story please
6/25/2020 c10 Jessica
Please update, I really don't want this story to die. I couldn't stop reading, it had me on the edge of my seat!
5/29/2020 c10 Guest
Please do more
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