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for You're a Long Way from Home - Rocket Raccoon in Zootopia

6/4/2016 c4 Guest
Rocket x Harem ¡ judy ,Gazell , Sra Nutrenson
6/3/2016 c3 NoXVZhuusox
Please continue this sir. I am entertained by the thought of Rocket Raccoon in Zootopia. :-)
6/1/2016 c4 IamOminous
Love it can't wait to find out what happens next
6/1/2016 c4 8Omegashark18
Ah yes, the oh so great chase scene. With a nice little spin. :) Great work.
5/31/2016 c4 nightmaster000
Another great chapter.

Something tell's me we haven't seen the last of that Polar Bear cub.

You know for some reason I can't help but think Rocket might end up gaining a unwanted admirer in Bellwether. I have this strange idea of her falling for him and trying to get him on her side.
5/31/2016 c4 23Jedi Alex Colbent
Not a bad new chapter, although, if I could offer ONE piece of advice, as cool as they are, I'd try and not quote too many more lines from GotG. It just sort of takes away some of the originality to some of the dialogue. Plus, a line is good the first time, but it starts to lose its edge of repeated too much. Not sure if Rocket would say the same thing twice for the same situation, at least not without acknowledging how similar it seems.
5/31/2016 c4 12Z.R. Stein
Rocket seemed to be adapting very well. It Wil be nice to see Groot on the streets. Also, Judy is adorable. Excellent work
5/23/2016 c3 2Brad W
Hmm, the only individual who I can think off for Rocket to have a romance with based on his prior dating experience is already married and with kids (I believe) in the movie so I am a bit curious as to how that would go? I'm just looking forward to a scene where someone gets a good look at Rocket's back and sees his the augmentations sticking out of him and try asking some rather pointed questions about that insane planet he originates from. Keep up the good work!
5/22/2016 c3 Semi-neutral Nixon
This is pretty great, but please try to hold off on them breaking out into song, it's kinda awkward (difficult) to read especially when someone doesn't know the tune to the song!
5/22/2016 c3 29sur2sur
I figure Sly Cooper would be a tv show similar to IT TAKES A THEIF show
As to friendship is enjoy being with someone for no other reason but it makes you feel comfortable
5/22/2016 c3 IamOminous
5/19/2016 c3 Metz
Plz update , this story is awesome ! 3
5/19/2016 c3 Casamora
I'm going to be possibly the only person who wants Nick and Judy's relationship to remain platonic. They had the best male and female friendship I've seen in a long time (even in other Disney movies, I can't think of other examples, except Lilo and Stitch) especially when we live in a society that insists that guys and girls can't be "just" friends.
Judy and Nick are my brOTP.

I can't help but find it funny and ironic that everyone thinks Judy was the sucker in this chapter, when Rocket got unknowingly fooled by Bellwether.
5/18/2016 c3 jakemon248
great stuff keep t up, and a pairing of rocket and judy would be a nce a change of pace is cool once in a while besides in the movie the OTP feels like a strong friendship so a little alternate pair is exceptable.
5/18/2016 c3 Bibbilyboo
This story is just amazing, the personalities of the 3 scoundrels (yes, I said scoundrels, so sue me) are spot-on, the way this ties into the cannon is expertly executed. The main downside to this is that IT TAKES TOO DAMN LONG TO UPDATE, well then again, the saying, "you can't rush genius" does seem to take effect here. Just promise us to NEVER abandon the story like a bunch of other arseholes I've read, been impressed with and then disappointed when they abandoned the story for months to years. Trust me, I've only had this account for a small amount of time, and I read a lot even before I got this account. So, you have my, and many others' total support on the story. Good Luck on the later chapters, as we all know crossovers occurring during the cannon all have a choice, and a hard one to make too: will I stay true to the source material, or will I deviate from it? Drastically? Subtly? And how much will it effect the story? The fans? I trust your judgement on how you handle this, and will support indefinitely (big words make me look like an arse, I know.) Just know there are people like me who read your story and feels better about their day after reading it, or in a nutshell, PLS UPDATE SOON AND LOVE THE STORY! (Omg. I just could've said that and save the time of typing all of this. •_• uhhhhh...) _ good luck with the story!
P.S. Writer's block is a (censor)
P.P.S wow, I censor that but not arse... Logic! :D
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