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for You're a Long Way from Home - Rocket Raccoon in Zootopia

3/15/2021 c11 1tomahawkESP
Holy hell, you’re back!
3/14/2021 c11 IamOminous
Good stuff, I'm really glad your continuing this! Keep up it up its beautiful, your hard work really shows!
3/14/2021 c11 2Sleep Student
Nice to have you back
11/23/2020 c10 Guest
Dear McKnight2012
Your story is really awesome when Rocket was in the story of Zootopia. I can't even stop reading your story over and over because of the action and any other thing that makes your story really cool.
I wish i can read the next chapter and see how it will end.
I will waited patienly to give you some room to make the story.
6/30/2020 c10 Guest
Please continue this story please
6/25/2020 c10 Jessica
Please update, I really don't want this story to die. I couldn't stop reading, it had me on the edge of my seat!
5/29/2020 c10 Guest
Please do more
3/5/2020 c10 TMS Hobbes
No idea why u stopped writing this, its way too good. I kinda ship rocket and judy
10/2/2019 c10 6MilesTPrower14
This is so good! I hope everything is going okay and that you have understandable reasons for why you're not updating this, but if you are pls finish it, or at least make a last chapter summarizing what you had in mind
Thanks and good luck
8/18/2019 c10 Anthfurnee
I hope nothing is going wrong with you and everything is well. If something is wrong, you have my prayers and take your time writing this fanfiction. I and your fans reading this fanfiction has been missing some new chapters to this story. I am looking forward to seeing if Rocket and Bellweather's date will turn out. Or if Rocket will start missing outer space and what kind of extreme solution he could use to get it out of his system.
6/26/2019 c10 Visor Prime
when the sequel?
5/15/2019 c10 9Flapjaw
I really wasn't expecting that Lionheart would be able to collect all the newly savage mammals like that. I was hoping for a big mess of chaos in the streets that our protagonists would have had to help clean up themselves. The justification that they were using Rocket's rad guns was believable, but I was still a little disappointed until I got to the interaction between Rocket and Bellweather in this chapter.

That was worth it. This feels like a damn good spy story with all the layers of their relationship and how it conflicts with Bellweather's conspiracy. I look forward to eventually seeing more. I know a thing or two about taking awhile to release a new chapter, so I wish you the best of luck with finding time for this story again.
5/6/2019 c10 2AkaDeca
Dang. Bellwether is still a beech. Please update!
5/6/2019 c9 AkaDeca
Love Rocket here so much!
5/6/2019 c8 AkaDeca
Sucks about his shoes. Wish you would update
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