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for You're a Long Way from Home - Rocket Raccoon in Zootopia

7/4/2016 c5 Guest
I like wherethis is going I can't wait for the next chapter. Also, I have a question. Will Groot help them? I think that of course he will but he would stay hidden or something else.
7/5/2016 c5 Death Is Lazy
Oooh! I just figured out what your doing! Your making it so bellwether becomes a destructive terrorist not a bio-terrorist. All those things that she's been buying from rocket would be used!
Also funny how you used texting for us to know what Groote is saying
I would give you a thumbs up but I can throw chocolate at the screen as a reward instead.
In one of the last few chapters you said that rocket explained everything that has happened to him like the argumentation and his story. that's kind of OOC really, but that's my opinion.
Sorry about the long review but one last thing, I would love it if you could pm me telling me if I'm right or wrong. You could do just one word if you want to.
7/5/2016 c5 2MaveriKat
Well this was a rather awesome read and well worth the wait. Damn, but Rocket loves to dig his graves deep. Granted, it's still six feet but for a raccoon, it's excessive.

Excellent job.
7/5/2016 c5 8EmPro8
I really liked how wrote Rocket in this chapter. I thought he was funny. Also, now you got me potential interested in Rocket Raccoon comics. But I really don't know how to read marvel comics. Every time I try to get into one they just seem all over the place and I can't find the 'real' beging. Which comic would I start out with for Rocket Raccoon? (You seem to be really into Marvel, so I thought I'd just ask you...)
7/4/2016 c5 Cylon One
I am loving this story!

I'm enjoying it as much as I enjoyed viewing Zootopia for the first time.
7/4/2016 c5 IamOminous
Love it ;3
7/4/2016 c5 23Jedi Alex Colbent
I LOVE the dynamic between Rocket and Judy right now, as well as how Rocket keeps screwing with Bogo, but then again, anytime that buffalo is put in pain, I'm happy. I AM a little concerned that Rocket may take Nick's place as the smart aleck of the group, but that still remains to be seen. What you've described of the plot to come DEFIENTELY sounds interesting and I CAN'T wait.
7/4/2016 c5 8Omegashark18
A change in direction huh? Color me curious.
6/23/2016 c4 5TypingMonkey98
This is frickin' hilarious
6/14/2016 c4 5Nausicaa of the Spirits
While I'm a big fan of Wildehopps, I'm not impartial to the idea of Rockethopps. So if you do decide to make this Rockethopps, I'll be eager to see where you go with it!
6/10/2016 c4 atom king
Hey can beta Ray Bill appear later, and can rocket like make a temporary Vaccine for the night howlers ?
6/10/2016 c1 Guest
I look forward to Groot being free in the city. I wonder if giraffes or other plant eater will try to snack on Groot's leaves. When did Rocket start liking Star-Lord's music? I was under the impression that he hates it.
6/10/2016 c4 4Shanza
Oh I'm definately enjoying this! Loved the movie, and it's great how you're weaving Rocket into the tale. I think you're pretty on-par with the characterizations - the only thing that suprises me now and again is that Rocket is being so NICE. It's kinda weird, but I like it.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/7/2016 c4 2MaveriKat
That was quite fun!

And why do I have a feeling the little Polar Bear cub is going to turn out to be Morris? X3
6/7/2016 c1 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Well this is really interesting! I hope this story does great! Because I am really looking forward to it!
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