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6/9 c22 Afxtey
Hope you're doing okay now! (Also love the fic but that's besides the point)
6/5 c6 3RandommDude
Fugaku is a poopoo head :(
5/16 c8 um
i love the way amas personality comes across, its a lot different from any other fanfictions iv read
5/6 c2 3Ikasuki
Uchiha in an orphanage? WTF why how? In a country/village where child soldier is probably the biggest ressource?

I mean, I can suspend disbeleive for a bit but you're asking me to lift it waaaaaaay too damn much right there
4/28 c21 getalife1000
Kabuto seems good at taking orders... but whatever
4/28 c19 getalife1000
the way Kabuto volunteered to return to academy instead of wanting to stay on a team with a Jinchuriki says something. so Ig not yet under Danzo?
4/28 c3 getalife1000
DANG FUFU, YOU'RE AN ACTUAL BITCH. Blaming a lil fetus for that? I thought you were homie, but you just fam
4/18 c1 yochan123
welp time to do a LOT of damage control and training and influencing minds to prevent itachi from becoming clan wiper

this is really fun and I'm rereading it again :D please continue it! _
1/19 c17 Guest
Itachi medic nin i was thinking amaterasu wokld train under tsunade
12/5/2021 c2 Guest
...why is she in the orphanage? is she not fugaku and mikoto's daughter? I see other reviews and found I'm not the only one confused by this. maybe give more hints in the fic as to why? I've read many fics with so many twists and secrets before and they manage not to confuse the readers without giving away the plot, I think you can do it too.
10/25/2021 c25 katsekala
It's a great story. Many kisses.
10/16/2021 c25 Misaka Phenex
kill those stupid cloud ninja they too arrogant for my taste only mc shall survive
10/16/2021 c25 SweetAssassin19
Ahhh I cant believe I binged this it is sooooo good
10/15/2021 c6 SweetAssassin19
You'd think an adult would try to be less suspicious and focus on trying to clear her mind. Now she's even more sus than ever smh
9/16/2021 c12 Bb34
I would love to see Ama and Kurama interacting
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