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8/30 c12 Jodi P
Oh ouch! Such hard words. Such an emotional chapter, looking forward to where you go from here. Keep up the great work
8/5 c12 awsome muffin
whyyyyyyyy i came back to re read this and im just as hurt by the cliff hanger as i was previously
7/23 c12 andak
Oh man poor Heidi. I feel sorry for her. Can't wait for Bella to realize that her mate but I feel it'll be awhile. love the story by the way. I wonder what the chains were.
6/26 c12 Numbers261
No no no no no no you can’t do this to me! That’s not how this was supposed to go at all! Don’t break Heidi like this please x.x
5/2 c12 5AndiStar86
Omg what a cliffhanger. Please tell me you are updating this soon?
4/8 c12 9VeldanTwilight
Bella, you idiot...
4/1 c12 Dan Parks
Love the story
3/12 c12 lonewolfbloodfang
Wow I love the story keep up the great work
3/11 c12 Aether Agron
Fuck. The way my heart just fucking sunk into the ground and died.

That hurt.

Glad to have you back, though. Hope you're doing much better. Wishing you continuous good health!
2/22 c12 andrewpine
Please finish this.
2/22 c11 andrewpine
Please finish this ,don't leave us all hanging.
2/22 c12 Stuie
Love the new chapter :) happy you're back!
2/21 c12 4LHQuakeAOS
Ahh Heidi
2/21 c12 3LongNightDragon
Uh oh, that's not gonna go well.
2/20 c12 DashingxRogue
Welcome back, been awhile and then we’re left with that cliffhanger. Killin me here.
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