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11/3 c11 Alley Bastiaens-Brideau
Update please love this
9/6 c11 2Darkness Alpha1
The tension between Bella and Heidi I find hilarious, I can't wait for you to update.
8/31 c11 K1ngDom
Hopefully she takes it ok when she finds out. Maybe Chelsea will tell her if Heidi doesn’t.
8/28 c1 bhawnavenue7
NO NO NO please update! God you left me hanging!
8/19 c11 AthenodoraSulpiciaRose
OMG OMG OMG I need this story updating NOW it’s to good I need to know what’s going to happen next. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE. AS. SOON. AS. POSSIBLE.
7/28 c11 MorganKFreeman
Noooooo dont leave it hanging! Now you HAVE to update soon.
7/24 c11 GISA103
Thank youuuuu so much this chapter was perfect
7/23 c11 desperataeny
Damn seriously they need to talk and open up for the sake of their bond mate goshhhhhhh. The sexual tension and pinning no joke lol and poor my Isabella and Heidi heart! I wanted their relationship progress to be more better, good and reach the understanding! I can’t wait what will happen next~ Thank you for the delightful updated! But really I need more of this masterpiece or next chapters, because Bella n Heidi both killing me inside with their miscommunication haha useless lesbian mate aigoooo~

Looking forward to next chapters! :D
7/21 c10 andrewpine
So it seems that Bella is stupidly holding on to Eddiekins
which is stopping their bond from becoming complete.
Heidi needs to just bite her and ask for forgiveness later
once she is turned she will feel the mating pull and all of this dancing around each other
will . its dragging on far too long.
7/21 c11 Doritos79
7/21 c11 1This Is TT Inc
Oh shit! Hahahaha i hope this doesn’t destroy the bond. Come on Bella, get your head out of your ass and really see that Heidi’s your mate!
7/20 c11 4Awoken Dreamer
Thank you so much for this amazing update! I'm super curious where this will lead but I am enjoying the speed that the story is progressing at. I am hopeful though that this all comes to light soon, Bella and Heidi both definitely deserve to be loved and to allow themselves to accept their bond. I'm already anxiously awaiting the next chapter!
7/20 c11 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
7/20 c11 Horseshoefijzer
Lol I can’t believe you made your own version of the ‘two characters can’t leave the room till they fuck’ but hey I can dig it.
7/20 c11 mestela3203
Omg you are literally killing me. How could you leave it there, stopping at the best part. Great chapter even though I feel like smacking the shit out of Bella for the way she's treating poor Heidi.
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