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7/20 c11 Arial Wolf
way to leave me on acliffy really you evil genius
totally fricking awesome bloody brilliant thank you for this amazing tale
7/20 c11 Guest
yesyesyesyesyes new update yesyesyes I love them omg
7/20 c11 4Aticia
My favorite story has updates and my day is better :D
7/20 c11 Guest
Well damn! Looking forward to the next chapter! Thank you for updating.
7/20 c11 1latrunkster
Yay thank you!
7/20 c11 marlastiano
7/20 c11 wolfgirl9713
i love this chapter but that cliff hanger is killing me i need more
7/20 c11 53MaxximumRide666
You are fucking killing me, dude! Bloody meddling vampire Queens and horny mates (human and vampire alike!), all driving me nuts!

Sorry you're struggling with writing atm, I feel you there! But I'm proud of you for still pushing on little by little. Just don't forget to look after yourself as well!

Excellent chapter as always!
7/14 c10 desperataeny
That ending cliffhanger omg… What happen to them? I hope Didyme helping them out
7/14 c9 desperataeny
Heidi such a romantic only for Bella haha
7/14 c7 desperataeny
I believe in their bond :D
7/14 c6 desperataeny
Opppssss… Gawd their sexual tension is so strong haha
7/14 c4 desperataeny
Finally Heidi dear hahahahaha go get your mate and swooning her now
7/14 c3 desperataeny
This chapter is amused me and so fun lol. I like how Heidi and Isabella going on for now
7/14 c2 desperataeny
Lmao Heidi is so dense and not aware of her own mate it’s really adorable gawd hahahaha
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