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4/7/2016 c2 2ClockworkRose
Love this pairing! I can't wait to read more.
4/7/2016 c1 7annabell39645
4/7/2016 c2 YurTeddyBear
Already in love with the new story. Also it's much appreciated that you give us 2 chapters each time you start a new one
4/7/2016 c2 Lahkesis
Oh this is going to be fun Heidi seems to be in for a world of frustration and cold showers :) Hope you update soon, yes I'm greedy that way :) Thank you for sharing your talent with us :)
4/7/2016 c2 slinkylachance42014
Loved it. Please continue on.
4/7/2016 c2 5Le Diablo Blanc2
oh I lovethis pairing already seeing Heidi frustrated is such fun
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