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7/14 c1 desperataeny
Bella is so clueless is very cute lol. I hope nothing bad happens
7/7 c10 Jodi
I really hope this hasn't been abandoned. It's a fun read.
7/5 c10 53MaxximumRide666
Goddamn cliffhanger! I am so enjoying this story! I love watching them both struggle and suffer and try to strengthen their bond while not fucking each other's brains out! It's fantastic! And I especially love when they slip up and can't quite resist each other. That's definitely my favourite part.

You're a hell of a writer and I can't wait for you to update! Hope you're well and staying safe!
6/25 c10 GISA103
Perfect Thank youuuuu this chapter was Just Lovely
6/17 c10 Seldom12
I feel pathetic, but Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase continue this amazing fic
6/12 c10 mestela3203
Sometimes I really hate cliffhangers! Whats in the room is it a love Shack? Is it a sex dungeon? What is it? This is Mari50, the newbie on ur discord site.
6/6 c10 K1ngDom
Please keep this one going I’ve gotta know what they’re looking at read when you sate my inner perv.
6/5 c10 159H.R.C. Stanley
Oh boy, things are bout to get tense as it seems
6/4 c10 page0turner
The only I can think of is 50 Shades of Grey Red Room! Hahaha Now who will think who is kinky?
6/4 c10 4Aticia
As always i love it and wait for more :D
6/3 c10 10dsrtchck
These cliff hangers are killing me /
If you could just drop everything in your life and finish all your stories, that would be awesome :P
6/3 c10 3starlighttauriel
The Cullens came for vacation/Didyme’s experiment?! Idk, but that’s my guess. I’m also assuming that the chains are Edward’s? And the fourth line is maybe Bella’s shield? I don’t know what else could be: positive, coming from Bella, and lighting up Heidi; it was also mentioned that bonds are usually 3, not 4, but Bella has a shield so that could be it? Which also makes me wonder now if I’m the room are the Denalis or Eleanor at least? So he could use his gift on Bella? Hmm.

Either way, nice update!
6/3 c10 Edge Maverick
esta es la historia con la relacion mas divertida que e leido en mucho tiempo ademas de dejarnos colgados al borde del acantilado en casa capitulo lo que hace desear que pongas el siguiente lo antes posible supongo que las cadenas son las que le puso Edward con sus mentiras y la manipulación de las emociones de Bella
6/3 c10 andrewpine
Those two are hopeless.
how long is this merry go round
going to run before they both
pull their heads out of their butt?
Heidi really needs to explain to
her what is going on.
6/2 c10 segir
a cliffy ? really? omgoddess i am die-en here.. ugh..,rofl.. good job. I think you are doing a good job with the internal back and forth,push/pull. Thou I do feel Heidi was a bit aggressive it is the mate bond. I am wondering what, if, or how Bella's shield is affecting the bond. keep up the good work. and hope your week has been good.
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