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6/2 c10 1Magic2488
Ughhhhh that cliffhanger. Please update soon!
6/2 c10 3BeanTheShipper
Lemme seeeee

I bet it's either kinky or extremely wholesome or something
6/2 c10 4Awoken Dreamer
UGH! what a beautiful cliff hanger! I didn't know this was even possible but you have captured my interest to an even higher extent. I seriously cannot wait for the next update!
6/2 c10 BiBuggles
Ahh what’s inside?
6/2 c10 ThatWickedChick
You spoil us, Saiyon! I love your stories and check my email all the time for updates. Keep it up! 3
6/2 c10 Doritos79
cliffhanger grrrr !
6/2 c10 1Yshtar
That's one heck of a cliffhanger... thank you anyway for the update, can't wait to know what's next
6/1 c10 TheBaddestBoi
I DEMAND TO KNOW WHATS IN THIS ROOM! IF YOU DON'T TELL ME RIGHT NOW WE WILL HAVE PROBLEMS! Also the chain around the bonds is sus. Very sus. The susest. Imprint?

ona serious note good job dood, sweet chap
6/1 c10 9ArielApostolos
Ahhhhh! cliffhanger much?! :P lol
6/1 c10 Jane Cahill 18
Why are you doing this to me!? I NEED MOOOREEEEEE!
You are amazing
6/1 c10 Ivy
Cliffhanger :O what's in the room?
6/1 c10 wolfgirl9713
this story is amazing and I love reading it please update
6/1 c10 thesewitheringpetals
a cliffhanger! i'm really enjoying this pairing and this story. thanks for writing!
6/1 c10 MorganKFreeman
6/1 c10 2AylaMoon
ITS A SEX CHAMBER... im sorry though im not. God I love this story. Its rare to find one that consist of less talked about character and Hedi it quite definitely sex on legs. I really like how you wrote about Hedi teying not to focus on Bellas body while ensuring that it was definitely a distraction. What the hell is in that room Saiyon. UPDATE. With love from your favorite peasant.~ AylaMoon
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