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for Watching the Future

6/16 c11 imafangirlsueme
Sheesh not even Luke (Castellan, not Skywalker but I don't mind him either {or his dad}) or Vader were this stupid and heartless.
Ang give Toothless a fish for us too.
1/27/2023 c3 Common Sense
I came here to watch a Httyd fanfiction about them watching the future/themselves, not a stupid ass OC react. Like seriously, you made this focus way too much on your oc. It's like you and others can't simply do a story about httyd characters reacting to themselves/future, you always have to throw these oc characters in there that are always yelling at the other characters and distracting from what the story is supposed to be about.
1/3/2023 c1 2izukumidoriyawolffox
Wow ok I read this a looong while back but now that I’ve read it again older… Yikes! First off I found a story just like this (and I mean except for the self insert/oc-which I’m sorry to say, is way too overstated, involved and antagonistic- and switching some words here and there) they posted and finished theirs first. Second, you’ve made the characters very one dimensional personality wise and it’s tiring and quite frankly annoying. Third, I get that if you don’t look at a characters development they can seem stuck, let’s say in one personality or role, but just throwing that development and complexity in the garbage and then taking characters flaws and overly exaggerating them to the point that if it weren’t for the name no one would recognize them, that horrible writing and really it’s the type of juvenile writing I expect from my kindergarten classes. I know you most likely won’t take this well or even delete this story, but honestly: you’re kind seem like an asshole.
11/20/2022 c2 15Ryuu842
You're focusing way too much on your OC.
12/1/2021 c5 Mando-23
my only complaint about this story is your obsession to make you oC the only one who reacts, the others hardly speak and are only as decoration
4/18/2021 c4 2NinjaMasd
Look, I can understand the concept, but throwing an oc into a watching the show fic just throws everything off. They always are an unnecessary addon that more often than not interferes with the actual reactions. Ignoring the oc, you have awesome writing skills and good coherency and that more than makes up for it, but as a suggestion for the future if you do any more of these style fics try to make it seem a little less like the oc is highjacking the whole thing.
12/18/2020 c12 7SadisticDiamond321
No offense, but I found your character a little quite annoying and you're making some characters a little bit out of character.

I get that both Stoic and Hiccup has a bad relationship, but don't you think that you're going a little to far. I don't have a great relationship with my family, but I love them nonetheless. And it's kinda low that you used Valka's name just to scold him. I say that he and everyone else has the right to hate dragons because they were exposed to the dark side of those beautiful creatures not the light.

I feel bad for Hiccup, but that doesn't made me pity him. It's quite the opposite you know, actually I admired him for his strength not in brawns, but in brains and will.

Now let's talk about the characters (this is why I sometimes hate people who see the main character as something to bow down while the other characters are trash), first of all we have Stoick. We only saw Hiccup's point of view because well he's the protagonist and because of that we sometimes don't understand the other characters. He hate dragons because he thought that the dragons killed his wife and I get him because I would too if a love one of mine was killed.

And anger clouded one's mind, look at professor Callagan in Big hero 6. Because of anger and anguish, he thirst for revenge and then we have Hiro, he tried to killed Callagan when he found out. But, due to that anger, Hiro finally understood Professor Callagan, but don't give me the argument about how a young boy understood while an old man don't. Since the movie only showed Hiro, he didn't fall to grief because there are people supporting him while the professor doesn't. Maybe, Krei was mocking about the professor's daughters death making his anger worse since you know.

My point exactly is, you don't get the character. You just brought out Stoic's flaws and hit him with it. That's wrong, really wrong and did you think that maybe whenever the chief stared at his son, he saw her wife, making his grief much worse; then, the dragons are continuously raiding the village making him busy and angrier at them, because they were stealing everything away from him; not technically everything, but do you get the point?

Then, we have Astrid here, you're making her looks like a bad person. P. S Hiccup isn't the only one who have problems you know. All the teens have problems you know and your hitting them hard with your flaw. Not everyone is a bully, have you ever wondered why Snotlout mocks Hiccup? He maybe a narcissist, but he isn't that bad. Have you ever seen the way his father looks at him, his father sometimes looks at him with disappointment in some scenes if you look closely. Meaning that the boy has the same problem with Hiccup, but he chose to vent it out with other people who he see is weak.

The same thing can be said to some bullies, for instance my bully was like that too. He has problem with his home life and he chose to vent it out by being a bully to others and when I found out about this, I understood him and now we're on speaking term, but not friends just good acquaintances.

Now back to Astrid, I see her as Annabeth. When both Hiccup and Percy were feeling down, they are the one who is always supporting their partners. Both of them are prideful...

Now, Astrid is stubborn right. So, how the heck did Hiccup convince him easily. Oh, a romantic flight; then, suddenly mind change. Astrid never teased Hiccup, she doesn't hate him and when Toothless appeared and was about to charged at her, she quickly braved up and tried to protect Hiccup. That means Astrid isn't a bad person, just misunderstood and if you watch the missing scenes the one were Hiccup fixes her axe, you could see how nice and casual she interacted with Hiccup who is labeled as the village's runt. All the village hated his invention, but Astrid was amazed by them in the scene when she checked out his workshop. If you think about it, Astrid is relatable because she's working hard to retain her clan's glory and it yet she never considered what she really wants. You always see her with a scowl on her face at the first movie, but she softened up and even showed her vurnable side to Hiccup while on the other hand, Astrid helps build up Hiccup's confidence and brings up the best in him. Always supporting him and his wishes while at the same time advising him when he thinks that he screws up.

I still have a lot to discuss, but I'll still stick around or not.
9/30/2019 c1 Siren8484
I like your character it's my kind of humor
6/11/2019 c6 Fidget the Batpony
I’m going to quote something from another watching the movie fanfic “Vikings: these foul creatures are unmerciless killers with IQs smaller than their ageextremely stupid, teach on sight”
4/21/2019 c1 H
In my opinion this the best watching httyd fic ever!
4/18/2019 c16 4autumncat210
It was good
10/26/2018 c16 Shelly Torres Skyssa
I really enjoyed everything about your story.
The paper you got.
The reaction of Hiccup for his dad disowning him.
10/26/2018 c15 Shelly Torres Skyssa
If I hadn't saw the movie, I will be like crazy right now.
10/26/2018 c14 Shelly Torres Skyssa
10/26/2018 c12 Shelly Torres Skyssa
OK, I cried.
And I am really glad that you put yourself as a friend/mother for Hiccup.
That's what most of the fans (me included), will love to do.
Support him, hug him, love him.
You made a pretty great thing.
I like you a lot.
And you also put reason on everyone's head.
You're awesome.
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