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8/4 c7 Psychyz
Pls continue bro
7/10 c7 dreamer657
amazing story hope to see this continued in the near future
7/9 c7 Guest j
Please continue .
6/27 c7 1Sozo Senju 'Rage
update please
5/27 c7 Guest
I love this so much !
It's so beautiful
5/12 c7 ola
5/3 c1 1Thrivean
First chapter is definitely interesting, and sets a good stage for the story. Excited to keep reading
4/25 c7 Saif Omar
Finished reading this today, for the third time overall. Considering you started writing 'A Father's Love' again any chance you're gonna start writing this too? This is one of the best Naruto/DxD crossover here and it's a shame that it is as short as is.
4/21 c6 1elkenn
Waiting for you to return to this one. Can't wait to see the revelation from both factions.
4/17 c7 FATE
I shall continue writing this story myself.

Sorry author, but it’s been too long.
3/21 c7 1BillyBadgerDad
“But I promise I will not stop writing here”

-famous last words
3/19 c7 Guest
Wish there was more to read tbh was enjoying this
3/15 c6 codywhite162
This is such an excellent story and I truly hope you come back to it at some point. I want to know what happens next! I am leaving this review here since I already left one on the latest chapter.
1/5 c2 superxeno03
holy fuck Naruto is fo fucking WHOLESOME
11/4/2022 c7 1elkenn
it's been half a decade already...
need an update soon..
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