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for Eight Days

12/7 c10 dandelion1112
A wonderful chapter! Thank you! I loved their talk on the phone while looking at the moon and all the other things you described. Great work!
12/4 c9 dandelion1112
I love the way their relationship is building!
12/4 c8 dandelion1112
I enjoy reading this story so much! It is amazing! I think it's only natural that Edward had girlfriends. He had decided not to look for Bella and he thought of her as engaged. He is human after all! I like this Edward as you describe him very much! Thank you!
12/4 c7 dandelion1112
Wow! Human Edward is extremely fascinating! Thank you so much for this story. It is very creative and brilliantly written!
12/4 c6 dandelion1112
12/4 c5 dandelion1112
Both have changed. Suddenly there is the possibility of a fresh start, a new beginning. I hope they will walk that path!
12/4 c4 dandelion1112
Wow! Edward is a genius! And he starts to fight for Bella! I'm excited about the things to come!
12/4 c3 dandelion1112
Some questions are answered but even bigger questions pop up. Why did Edward never contact Bella? What about the rest of his family? What about the painting?
12/4 c2 dandelion1112
Edward is human?! That is an extreme surprise! But I like it! I am excited about their talk. What's the story behind?
12/4 c1 dandelion1112
Wow, thank you! That is a very promising beginning! I like that the story is situated in Sydney and I like this confident Bella!
12/1 c33 Michelle shield
Thank you for the update, I’m still reading! Love all of your work.
12/2 c33 Tammygrrrl
I am just now getting into this story, and I LOVE it!
12/1 c33 11amsrule
I'm still reading and anxiously awaiting your updates. I hope this story makes you as happy to write it as I feel to read it.
11/28 c33 glo4twilight
Wow! Great to see an update! Hmm i knew edward shouldn't have left her there. But i wonder what her ex is gonna do.
11/28 c33 Xi0t
ooh porfavoooor no te tardes! No nos puedes dejar asi! No venia por aca hace meses y cuando vi que habias actualizado le di una relectura en toda la madrugada... y hoy tengo examen! Ustedes son mi relación tóxica 3
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