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6h c35 ChrisDGoosey
I loved the way you suggested that the details of the Marion story might be forgotten- yes, they certainly were - but soon remembered, though. Nice touch with the crying at the end. I don’t care how long this story has taken (that’s probably a bit of a lie), the updates are always worth the wait and l am looking forward to reading the whole thing again from the start.
12h c35 2TwiTwiAgain
So interesting how Edward felt. Loved that he can’t find the meadow. Maybe they will? Or not.
14h c22 Larissa Camara
Oh thank God!
Girl, for a moment I was in despair. DO NOT DO THIS TO ME! I was already preparing a whole sermon to say about Bella's "decision". And then, thanks to the Lord, that decision wasn't until the end. I WAS SCREAMING HERE AT 5 A.M. !
I knew that tears and dramas were coming ... I'm scared. But they will make it. I'm hopeful.

Kisses from Brazil. I Love your Work.
19h c35 Coffeefilterart
I loved their conversation in the car. Bella’s dry sense of humor is so fun in this story. And I love how Edward says that even if Alexander was telling the truth, he’d still be terrible for using it against Bella. Edward is so much more open now. I love that Bella can be there for him and remind him what’s real.
23h c35 lca5
Great chapter! Thanks!
4/7 c19 Larissa Camara
Aaah Alice! Finally!
But, what is it now? I'm happy but still afraid of what may have brought her to them.

letting my nerves go for a second ... I'm delighted that Bella is thinking about her future with Edward and children and all... So cute!

Everything is going very well so far ... well too much, huh?
I'm suspicious. I'm feeling the drama coming. My heart is anticipating disaster.
4/7 c35 me and my edward
So happy to hear from these two again!
4/7 c6 sosueme
The nerves pushing off both of them are palpable. It's great!
4/7 c16 Larissa Camara
Reading this chapter while listening to When I Was Your Man and crying like a baby.
4/6 c15 Larissa Camara
I feel like I'm flying with this chapter ... so beautiful.
4/6 c14 Larissa Camara
Really, someone need to send this fic to Stephanie Meyer. She need to know about the existence of this masterpiece created thanks to Twilight. I BET SHE WOULD LOVED THIS!

I'm loving the progress of their relationship!
4/4 c35 Guest
Thanks so much for continuing this story.
I've loved it since the beginning, such a clever premise and your take on human Edward is the best.
Your Edward and an empowered Bella are so refreshing!
As an Aussie it's great fun to read a story set in my country :)
Please do keep writing, all your stories have been among my absolute favourites.
4/4 c35 Dicatakadd
Loved this chapter!
4/4 c35 Guest
I left a review earlier but what i forgot to mention was that I would REALLY love to read two more side-story kind of things if you could integrate them!
1. A scene where Bella takes some of those photos (like those that Alexander claimed he had) and send them to Edward would be fun to read
And 2. (And way more important) a scene where we get to meet some of Edward friends and see him interact with them! It was such an important part when he said to Bella that he had friends "like a real person" I so desperately want to read about them sitting together on his deck and have some drinks, get to know Bella, tell fun stories about Edward and just laugh
Anyway maybe they could be outtakes? If they dont go with your plans? I do wonder how much longer we get to enjoy this story since you've mentioned some time that there wasn't a lot more to come (so sad about that!)
Lots of love to you!
4/6 c2 sosueme
Whoa, human?! All this time, i thought I'd read this one, guess I'm late to the show, but wow, a recent update. Feel free to complete the story before I get to the end! Very intriguing, I won't be able to stop reading, now that i've read the this far!
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