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1/23/2017 c5 Vrenshrrgn
I really like this story, it's so realistic and suspenseful.
I think it's good that you put it in Japanese because then the readers don't know what's going on like the MC, but I speak Japanese and I can see that it's google translate, and it just bugs me a little.
Keep up the good work, update soon, but don't overwork yourself
1/23/2017 c5 4lizyeh2000
Love your story now following! . Please update soon! Just wondering if all the Japanese you wrote in your five chapter you can write in English in brackets cuz I have no clause what they're saying
1/23/2017 c5 sasuke2490
nice chapter.
1/22/2017 c5 bloodmosiac
Ahhhhh! I loved this chapter so much! I'm also happy she didn't get some fingernails taken off, because, hello? People say whatever you want to hear to make the pain stop? I'm super hyped for this fic. It's official. I'm in love with it. (: Amy has grown on me so much. I loved her since the first chapter but like 100x more now. I don't know her to be hurt! But at the same time I kinda do? (I'm horrible, I'm sorry) loved that she couldn't magically understand what he was saying. Makes it more realistic. Also, yea, google translate is a writers friend. Anyways! Just wanted to leave a review about how much I loved this chapter! (:
1/10/2017 c4 Long Time
Please, please, and PLEASE continue with this story!

I love the realism, as having the details in just how she's hyperventilating and panicking shows what most FanFics about an S.I. in Naruto lack. There is typically no real sense of the impending and most probable doom of being thought a spy, and even further, finding one's self in isolation for mental torture, at least. Most worry about the main plot line, to act with or against it, and find a life situation to blend in with by an unbelievable amount of chance despite being a foreigner found wandering about.

i want to see just how or if there's an interrogation beyond the isolation. I want to see how your character actually deals with the people in that division. Will it be Anko at this time? or Ibiki?

Will she have ANY changes to the plot in result of her presence...I just want to see how deep your character gets into the interrogation and how she'll find a way to crawl herself up out of it if she's clever enough. Yeah, she's going through something no one actually wants to happen, something horrible if done to a person especially an innocent, but now that you have put said character into said situation, I want to see what she does, or who she gets to help, to find her some positive/perhaps life-saving resolution.

Not one FanFic kills off it's O.C. whether S.I. or not. People come close, or it's through two lives and dreams, or they just get sent back through time and or put into another life/body. i have no clue where you're heading and it's wonderful to think about.

What will happen? is she the first in her situation in Konoha? Only you can tell us readers what's going on with her, and how Konoha deals with or without knowledge and influence of her. And, if you give it up for adoption which I hope isn't happening, then it would not be the same regardless of notes passed along. I doubt anyone else is capable of doing anything remotely like this.

...i love your examples, and metaphors...

You've started exploring a rare occurrence for this type of FanFic and I love everything, down to the style of writing and first person, and character herself. I don't think I wouldn't have fared so well in such a case, which perhaps, are the main reasons why I'd love to check and find a new chapter. Now, if only this sort of arrival greeting could catch on...
1/8/2017 c4 DollXparts
This is so good... U can update once a year i don't care, but know that i will be with this till the end. Good job -
12/3/2016 c4 bloodmosiac
Lmao I love the AU. It feels like I'm starting to get a sense of your humor, (which is awesome btw) also- I love Amy. Like so much. Very realistic and I'm SO HAPPY that she didn't go talk to the 'benevolent good guy leader or good guy village' because let's be honest that got boring after the first couple ones. Anyways! I'm at work right now and I squealed when I saw you updated. My boss gave me a very weird look but hey, jokes on them, because you updated! (: thank you
12/3/2016 c4 Kyrie Twilight
I hope you update soon! I like this story, but so far all I have is rising action. I need some story telling from another point of view or some sort of communication.
12/3/2016 c4 MadameGuillotineTheSeraph
This was really beautiful i must say, when you said you want to achieve realism, you gave it XD
Thanks for updating after so long, its very much appreciated.
12/3/2016 c4 5Yllems
Thank you for updating. This realistic take on the OC-Insert is so promising. I'm excited to see what the locals think of her and her freakouts.
I understand the need to get into Amy's head. It is a very unusual situation for someone to come to terms with.
12/3/2016 c4 1Fandom Infatuation
No ninjis this chapter :(. Poor Amy-poo is all alone. She must be a he'll of a mystery to T&I. Hopefully she doesn't get Ibiki. Wondering how Amy is gonna communicate despite the language barrier?
12/2/2016 c4 ren7720
could u include the T&I's
perspective on this chapter
in the next one it would be
very funny seeing their
reactions to watching her
12/2/2016 c4 CeresMaria
11/30/2016 c3 kaed1234
This is cool. Even if I don't understand half the dialogue. I eagerly await more.
11/30/2016 c3 CeresMaria
I think i would throw up too. Anyways, I like the story so far and am interested in seeing it develop. Thanks for the update!
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