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for A Symphony of Vibrating Strings

10/10/2016 c3 lambda.lawliet
I imagined that vomit arch to be as beautiful as a fountain show at the Bellagio. Amy's so great I love her POV. Part of me feels so bat for her when she got bullied by the Konoha nin but part of me is very amused by her less than appealing ordinals. Thanks for the chapters.
10/10/2016 c3 Adatum
I love this story, I really do, but it is really frustrating to read what they are saying but not understanding much of it. If you go through all the trouble to translate all this to japanese, could you also give us the english verson? Maybe in italics or in brackets or in the AN? I feel like I miss out so much.

PS: Put an exclamation mark behind 'realism' in your summary. This is excellent!
10/10/2016 c3 1Fandom Infatuation
Man, Amy was fucked. And it was so fucking good. She went through a realistic ninja military procession, not like any other fics I've seen. And the way you described the anti-gravity running. It was all amazing. Can't wait for her to get interrogated!
10/10/2016 c3 bloodmosiac
I love this FIC so much. All the realism and we're only 3 chapters in. Can't wait to see what you have in mind- this is awesome I'm psyched!
10/10/2016 c1 Guest knows best
Its for these types of situation where im glad im an aussie who was raised in the out back. Survival and first aid is compulsory in school if you live in the country side.
9/29/2016 c2 Be-Mindful
I Love your story so far. I really hope you update again soon. My first thought is will she understand there language or will there be a language barrier. I can't wait to find out.
9/17/2016 c2 NinjaKichi
Glad to see this continuing! And I really liked the ending of this chapter, even if it was a cliffhanger, since it gave a lot of neat clues about how you're approaching this subject. I'm looking forward to what you come up with next!
9/15/2016 c2 bloodmosiac
Oh my gosh another cliffhanger! Anyways another great chapter it's beautiful I love it so much :)
9/15/2016 c2 Fandom Infatuation
Ooh, an update! I love the way you describe nature. You make it sound absolutely dreamy! Luckily Amy is quite knowledgeable on survival (I hope you don't make her skilled in too many things) and can plan when needed. But as you portray it, it also works as a coping mechanism. Wonder how long till she breaks down before the madness. Anyway, the correct way would be "Anatawadare." as the letter は (ha) is read as "wa" when used to indicate subject.
9/15/2016 c2 naenia99
gyaaaaaaaa an update!YES AN UPDATE FINALLY!i cant wait 4 the next chpter!
9/15/2016 c2 eolus
Great chapter! Looking forward to the next one :)
7/16/2016 c1 bloodmosiac
First chapter is awesome! It got me hooked right away! Can't wait for more, I'm pysched! XD
4/27/2016 c1 Fandom Infatuation
This story sticks out in the sea of reincarnation SI's and bad ''transported to Naruto-world'' fics. I hope to see more good work like this from you.
4/9/2016 c1 inuxkag1000
Hello SapphireSecret,
I really liked reading your first chapter. I have read many SI stories, but for some reason yours feels a bit more realistic in someone reacting to being relocated to a very new area without them knowing. I know your description says an "attempt at realism?" and I feel like you did a fairly good job at that.
As for the length of the story, it was not that long at all if that worries you. It's an appropriate length. Not too short and not too long.
Keep up the good work! Your awesome. :)
4/9/2016 c1 Guest
I like how you started this. It's different, has that air of mystery, and gives off the feeling of a breath of fresh air. I can just imagine the tree and the area she's in too.
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