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for The Dragon Rider's Dilemma

4/22/2016 c5 2RUBYJEMS
love it now update!
4/15/2016 c4 4TheSilentFury
OHMIGOSH! He should kiss Astrid while he has a chance!
4/15/2016 c4 1ShadowSpirit020
She has to marry pig headed Snotface?!
4/14/2016 c3 Guest
Just came across this. Looks good so far. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you.
4/9/2016 c1 guest
Great start!

It's Hiccstrid :)
4/10/2016 c2 ShadowSpirit020
Nice chater!
4/10/2016 c2 4Story.Writer.2015
That was fast pace. I was expecting a bit more of background here. It was a decent chapter. Keep up the good work.
4/9/2016 c1 Story.Writer.2015
This seems interesting. Please update often.
4/9/2016 c1 Toothless 300
great story please update

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