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4h c58 shandrabowlby
Having to slog through the remakes and reimagining that is prevalent in Hollywood today, thankyou for a reimagining that, though not canon, keeps the characters acting as they should. I don't know how often I read a sentence and say what a Luffy or Ace thing to say. I don't mind changes to canon as long as there is a reason to it, and the characters stay true to how the original creator ment them to be. Have you ever thought of writing screenplays or taking your fanfiction to a more professional level?
6h c58 lofiskyrabbit
I cannot express in words how happy I was when I saw the new chapter TUT and luffy being luffy is so cute uwu thank you for the bew chapters!
15h c1 Guest
16h c58 VqpaeBePWBRwiff
20h c58 RainbowFatCat
21h c58 21Irene Sharda
Okay, loved this chapter, though here's the thing. You have to be consistent with how Luffy is. When they first invaded this place Luffy was near death, his organs were literally shutting down. He then gets beaten up more and more and then he had a near-death experience of almost drowning in his own fluid again. He's been starved, tortured, dehydrated, has pneumonia, and has been on his last legs for hours now in the cold dark tunnels. I had a feeling this would happen when you were hinting at Luffy fighting in the war. This is like Ace getting up after Akainu hit him, or Luffy getting up and fighting again after the same thing happened to him. There's nothing doing.
The idea of Luffy even being able to stand up let alone fight Thatch is ridiculous. I'm sorry I just don't buy it. Perhaps if you hadn't already laid it on so thick about Luffy's current injuries and status, the idea that he suddenly is able to get out there and fight to help his brothers or anyone in this fight is practically immersion-breaking. The kid should barely be conscious, his body only having enough to keep the most vital systems from failing. Yes, this is one piece world, but you kinda set up your own rules as to what Luffy could do earlier in the story. You were on the right track in the fact that he could barely stay awake and was asleep all the time and that he was always cold. But now he's suddenly got this second wind simply because? It's not like his determination or personality changed any, his body just couldn't keep up anymore.
I understand that Luffy does need to participate in some way to feel a sense of freedom for himself, it's just it's feeling a bit unbelievable in how he's going about this considering all the setup done already. It just feels inconsistent how Luffy is near comatose one moment and the next he's ready to argue and fight.

Still loving this story by the way, it IS one of my favorites ever. Just hoping the 3rd act is able to stick the landing.

Also, stupid Aokiji blitzing our bros. Also will Dragon or Shanks show up to this party? More war to come it seems.
10/4 c58 95Miqila
Personally, I'm hoping that Thatch will just knock Luffy out next chapter and that he won't wake up until they're out of there. Way less trouble that way.
10/4 c58 Hiraya1998
Hope you feel better soon. Thnak you for the update.
10/4 c58 18Mel72000
Thank you so much for this awesome chapter !
10/4 c58 qiaraz97
That was a fast update! Love it!
Omg Thatch you really shouldn't have challenged Luffy...
Aokiji show up... Ouch. I wonder how Luffy's Sea kings friends/(at least)ally will help him. Can't wait!

Thank you for the update ️️
10/4 c58 35xXxWolvesInTheNightxXx
How has it been 58 chapters? :O It feels like yesterday when I started reading this _
10/4 c58 Guest
Great chapter, hope you feel better!

I'll be honest and say I was hoping the revolutionaries went to Law for help in exchange for a favor.

I want Shanks to show up too :3 the marines and Teach(if he's still alive by then) are screwed if does
10/4 c58 OneValia
"Ah, Commander, I thought I would be seeing you." And an ad pict of a costumer service appeared with a big smile and looked actually happy

The ad really knew the perfect timing to appear
10/4 c58 Wishfull-star
Lol Thatch is so going to regret that challenge, I wonder how Luffy will get out of there:) awesome chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
10/4 c58 zahadacem
Que buen capítulo, luffy siendo luffy queriendo pasar x Thatch me encantó. Vamos a volver a ver al rey de mar?
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