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2h c1 4VoteDonaldJTrump2024
Monkey D. Luffy says to vote Trump in 2024 to stop communists, niggers, faggots, kikes, and trannies from invading and burning the country down! #MAGA
2h c73 Wishfull-star
I'm glad to see that Shanks has arrived, awesome chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
4h c73 3nderAI
AAAAAAAA i love this fic
4h c65 aimforthedogstar
Yep, this story updated in just three days for sure! I have been refreshing the browser just that long
I just can’t stop thinking about salt water on fresh burns and how much that’s gotta hurt :(
I can’t imagine Marco’s pain. To see everyone of their worst fears play out and to know just how powerless they truly are.
I do want to see Blackbeard get his dies and then some from his old captain and for Shanks to add some cherries on top.

But, yay! Shanks is here and let the healing begin
10h c73 2Merry Gallehl
I know you promised fluff and happy ending, but every time the brothers get a new injury I can’t help but think it’s all doomed and they’re gonna die. I can’t wait for next the next chapter!
11h c70 firefiststrawhat
helppp why does it say 73 but i only have 70 chappp TvT
13h c73 Nancy2239
I'm not crying who's crying️️️️ SHANKS IS THAT YOU PLEASE save our boys they need you️️️️️️ dejavu if he does jump in to save them please ️️️️️️
16h c73 picklejuice
this chapter was so amazing and sad TwT
i'm super excited for the fluffs and recovery!
thank you 33333
17h c73 9Ppleater
SHANKS TO THE RESCUE. Poor Luffy gets bullied by magma in every universe, at least this time it didn't get to him by literally going through Ace . I hope Whitebeard has a therapist on his ship cause the asl trio are gonna need it after this :')
12/2 c72 1Mirai HitsugayaKurosaki
Oh wow! This is very good. I can’t wait to read what happens next! :D
11/25 c72 firefiststrawhat
i just read this, this week, and i thought to myself damn 71 chap!? but i still read it anyways and i love this ff sm and it needs more chap rn . i thought like 60-70 we're already free lmaooo but i guess we're still in warrr
11/25 c72 25Magic Morgana
That was tough!
This chapter took me the longest to read because the breaks I needed to take. My emotions and feelings for the boys, even though I know this will end well, broke throughout the chapter.
This chapter was a masterpiece of emotional writing. I think, from the writing style, over all of this story this chapter showed your progression as an author.
You have always been stunning as a writer, hence why I always come back to this story. But with this chapter you even outdid yourself
11/24 c72 iiMeshls
i feel so upset!
why are you doing this to me
11/24 c72 2Merry Gallehl
Once again an awesome chapter!
11/22 c60 16FawnTheFox
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