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6/21/2017 c8 TheBeauty
Nice chapter :)
6/21/2017 c8 eunikecindy8
Naruko x Hinata pairing! Love it! Update Please!
6/21/2017 c8 Guest
Argh! What's with the random intervals in between the story?! I thought it was kaguya talking? It disturbs the story rhythm! Still nice update, even though it confuses people with it.
6/21/2017 c8 Guest
Yo great story so far. Why not give her a AAH account so she can buy so cool stuff. Or send her to other realities.
6/20/2017 c8 frankieu
nice chapter yay for getting the top dog :d thx for writing it
6/20/2017 c8 Eljin1
with as little interaction naru and kushina have, im surprised that naru didnt try to dispel the genjusu of kushina acting motherly towards her, or call for anbu to out the imposter.

and why did naru tell kushina where she got her new stuff from? naru has had them for days and kushina hasnt cared enough to notice before. hasnt naru long since abandoned any hope of kushina caring about her? why tell someone who has repeatedly proven over years that they dont care about you, and that you reciprocate, anything about you?
6/20/2017 c8 MusicAnimefreak
For a pairing with Naruto , my first choice would be Shusui. They'll have that love-hate goes well with the story. The second would probably be Sasuke because tbh that's my otp lol
6/20/2017 c8 Guest
very good
5/22/2017 c7 3Crimson Grave
Damn, so sad that I picked this up so late.
But so glad I found this gem anyway.

As for Naru's pairing? Is she going to be straight or not?

If Homosexual, I vote for Hinata, since her siblings don't feel like 'Naruto', I feel this is possible and logical. Possibly Tenten if not, just because I like Tenten and feel she doesn't get enough love, in both cannon or fanfic.

If Heterosexual, I vote for Hinata ANYWAY, but will throw in that Shino also needs more love, but don't believe they would actually work well together... Sooo... Damn... Anyway, jokes (Not joking about Hinata) Gaara is probably the only male that would make sense to me with how Naru's character seems to be developing. Rock Lee as secondary if Gaara is not possible.

4/17/2017 c7 eunikecindy8
funny story! good story!
4/16/2017 c7 SomethingCRAZAY
This is great, so fricking great.
4/16/2017 c7 1Zebralord23
that last line just sent me bursting out with laughter. Also, here is a linebreak you can use, -I'm just a line break, nobody loves me. It's just a line break, from a line family. Spare it its life you monstrosity!~-
4/16/2017 c7 pallendin pie
I like thought of her with an all girl harem like between 5-10, If it's 5 or 10 they can get tails of there own in any animal that is closest to them and getting a gamer power up but only after they get a mating mark.

now if it's 6 they can be a path of one kind or another and gamer power up after mating, if 7 she and some one are the lead pare the rest are submissive to them and the gamer power up but full power for the head wife and half power for each of the 6 paths.

if it's 8 or 9 no idea there but maybe some magic,ki (DBZ stile) and a dimension hop pout in a blender hit frappe and see what happens.

and neat chapter and all got to love OP uzumaki's for it is amusing (insert evil lough).
4/16/2017 c7 frankieu
nice chapter yay for naru's luck looking forward to her sowing off her trowing skill at school
wonder when the anbu story is gone spread around the village could also be used that the clan wont plan a coup wonder if there more dick punching midgets in the village
4/16/2017 c7 1Echo0100
pairing totally should be Naru x Kaguya or Naru x Anko.
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