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9/18 c18 Mrmarcusj95
I want Naruto and Artemis to have triplets, 2 daughters and 1 son
9/15 c20 Galo Manners
Amigo cuando subes el capitulo 21
8/28 c2 INDEX - 3
The way Ares is being treated like bullshit is annoying though
He's the frickin war god for fucks sake
not just any old god but one of the 12 Olympians
Naruto shouldn't even be able to touch him much less Damage him .
8/19 c20 Warlord Titan
Can u write one for Zoe nightshade please or thalia ..
7/19 c11 1Zack Lynch
The three orally pleasuring him was an awesome part!
7/19 c10 Zack Lynch
This was the best one. I love how Hestia keeps eye contact with him so much. And then when they actually do it, it was hot.
7/2 c19 Mrmarcusj95
Will Demeter be in this and have the biggest rack in all of Olympus (J or L cup), cause she and Naruto will definitely get along him.
6/19 c4 Zack Lynch
The kyuubi scene was pretty hot but I'm glad he'll treat her better.
6/11 c2 tyago871
Very good work not repetitive like most of lemon works ver fios job
5/18 c20 GuyWhoLovesSmut
Can you do a Athena-Naruto sexfest next chappie?
5/16 c2 Guest
5/17 c18 Mrmarcusj95
Will Demeter boobs will be the biggest breasts of the goddesses? and will she appear in this story.
5/1 c19 Mrmarcusj95
Bring the Taimanin kunoichi into this please
4/22 c20 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es genial
4/22 c19 Crimson Riot 01
Este es el mejor fic de lemon
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