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9/12 c20 herison.fate
Adorei a história estou no aguardo de novos capítulos.
8/18 c2 biob1
Nice work
8/18 c1 biob1
Great job
8/1 c20 volcasiron30
can you please add some demigoddess to the harem like Clarisse La Rue?
7/2 c20 Guest
6/30 c20 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
6/29 c20 Guest
More chain️
6/26 c10 fan
bruh, yagami, it been years since the last you update this story, i want to see naruto x athena lemon or naruto x demeter lemon, we rarely saw those in fanfiction, you been busy updating one story you abandone everything else, bruh come on
6/21 c20 Guest
Well worth the wait.
6/20 c20 1insanemaelstorm
Nice chapter. Love how adorable Artemis is. Loved the lemon. Can't wait to read more
6/19 c2 MattBlack
Tokubetsu Jounin means they have a specialty at Jounin level, rest of their skills are below Jounin... The strongest Jounin are called Elite Jounin, like for example Hatake Kakashi... So tired of people not doing their research properly... =S
6/18 c20 naruto
great chapter keep it up
6/17 c20 Jerson Vasquez Zuiga
muy bueno me encanto
6/17 c20 Guest
Very nice. May I see Naruto having more children with goddesses other than Aphrodite. Can we also see a chapter with naruto’s kids going to camp around percys age?
6/16 c1 7atsik101
I love your stories and how you go to all the trouble to find awesome pictures to use as covers, it feels like I'm reading a paper book every time I read a new chapter or story! By the way, who is in that picture the you have setup as cover for this story (The Servant)?
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