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9/11/2018 c18 Oturan
Another nice chapter with some more setup for future. Rhea has to be something special considering her position. Athena's barely appeared and we're already moving onto the next lady. Stay classy. I'm waiting for some kind of crazy twist to happen in this story at some point. I have no basis for believing there will be one. I'm just going for something unexpected to shake everything up.
9/11/2018 c18 N2
Looking forward to more.
9/10/2018 c18 Evol
When I hear Athena I immediately think of the god of war character. I'm not sure which look you have in mind. I don't really know what I think when I read Aphrodite in this. GoW has Aphrodite too but she doesn't at all fit the description of her you've written. Is there a character somewhere that you're using as reference for her?
9/9/2018 c18 Guest
Finally someone will put Naruto on his knees
9/10/2018 c18 1insanemaelstorm
Nice chapter. Like how artemis has changed. Like how athena didnt get seduced so easily. Looking forward to reading more
9/9/2018 c18 ila123
Thanks for this great chapter, and thanks for the lonh chap as well.

I really want a flashback for kyuubi xd.
9/9/2018 c18 pitbull4567
What a chapter look forward to more
9/9/2018 c18 1The Great Dullahan
So rhea is next i cant wait for it thanl x the chapter man it is awesome
9/9/2018 c18 CeliSB
Please Continue
9/9/2018 c18 alec-potter
Fantastic me direction for the fic. The part about Athena and Rhea is nice and well thought about.
Though am hoping for some Hera soon, she would be the ultimate conquest being the goddess of marriage. And also the best angst sex after all the escapades of Zues. Probably when Thalia is released.
Keep writing.
9/8/2018 c18 Stratos263
Of course only rhea could help them
9/8/2018 c18 randyr2015
Love it hope you keep updating also when are you going to update your reading story
9/8/2018 c18 2aslan333
9/8/2018 c18 naruto
great chapter keep it up
9/8/2018 c18 36Barry72
You know, trying to read this chapter without trying to do 'that' is kinda awkward and good idea to not rush Athenas relationship.
Also, excited for the next chapter.
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