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8/27/2018 c16 N2
Athena next chapter please.
8/28/2018 c16 14S. S. Shadow
Might I suggest looking to the anime Bleach for some inspiration. A number of the main characters actors are Soul Reapers, or death gods, so maybe you could use that as an in. The main girl I’d suggest is the woman called Yoruichi, she’s hot as hell, specializes in speed, and can transform into a cat. If not introduced as a goddess, then perhaps a sun god or goddess’ lead handmaiden due to her dark skin? Another would be Harribel, same dark skin tone, bright blond hair. I’m sure an imaginary author such as yourself could find a place for them. *wink*
8/27/2018 c16 Alex-Flyppy
Okay, I must say that this chapter surprised me a lot. Naruto took as a lover the Titan Leto, his own mother-in-law, in front of Artemis and Aphrodite ... Actually, I expected Artemis to completely oppose that suggestion, but in fact I accept it very quickly and dedicated myself to fuck with Aphrodite .

Naruto showed that although he likes to be demanding with women, and that they compliment him sexually as he wants, he also showed that he has a good side, since even though Leto reformed recently. He had consideration of her to learn how he died, and that she is not a woman who resentful and full of hatred as are his other brothers Titan, but wants to be with his daughter, and now devote himself to satisfy his "Son-in-law" and feel sexual pleasure, something that nobody has ever given (Not even Zeus)

I will look forward to the continuation, Luck and Ja-Ne.

PS: Because you do not also include the Amazons of Themyscira in your Fic, the Amazon Warriors loyal to the "Olympian Goddesses". Like, Hypolita, Antiope, Artemis, Diana and her other sisters.
8/27/2018 c16 spartanonxy
I must say really well done. I wish I had some constructive criticism to add but considering the style I can't. Though I would suggest some more time with Artemis as you claim she is a main but she doesn't really seem to have much time in the story.
8/25/2018 c16 Kuro Kaze
Maybe you can go with amphitrite next chapter ?
8/25/2018 c11 2V01dSw0rd
'Servant' is a relative term.
Naruto IS serving Aphrodite's desires... to have someone NOT completely enthralled by her.

There are stores of 'masters' having trouble dealing with their servant - due to HOW they submit, the strength of the submission overflows the master's desires somewhat.
8/25/2018 c16 19KuronoDono12
Another good chapter...Now as for a girl who should appear/be added to Naruto's harem I say Hinata...However not just any Hinata no I am talking about the badass RTN Hinata.
8/23/2018 c15 Alex-Flyppy
A quite long and entertaining chapter; I think it was time for Naruto to remember his Lovers of the "Shinobi World" and decided to have Kyubi take them to Aphrodite's palace, so that they can meet the Goddesses that he has taken as Lovers and enjoy his company.

I think I know who is the "Red-Eyed Silver-Black Fox" that appeared in chapter 13, the same Amaterasu in person, although apparently this Goddess is not like the other female goddesses, it seems that she loves her "Champion" "but not in what refers to the sexual area, because despite being surprised to see him fuck in such a way, showed no signs of wanting to be part as his" Lover "... Suddenly later, both develop a more loving approach , as is Naruto and Artemis, instead of being just a Goddess who can fuck when she wants.

I must admit, that Artemis and Aphrodite have come closer than I thought possible, Artemis no longer feels "repudiation or disgust" towards Aphrodite to be so sexually liberal, as she herself helped him get the dildo to Aphrodite who had in her butt, intimate with her sexually when they were in her "Wardrobe" with enough pleasure and pleasure, she was the one who suggested the type of costume that should be used to fuck with Naruto (Including the type of action they should do together as " Chasers ") ... Without a doubt, Artemis has changed for the better, and it is because of her that Naruto has changed her way of being with women a little (She is more affectionate and affectionate with Artemis and with Aphrodite, as long as both of them are together).

I did not expect, in the slightest, that you would decide to include the "Titan Leto", the mother of Artemis and Apollo, and I'm shocked, what will this woman do now that she knows that her Daughter, a Virgin Goddess, is no longer not at all a Virgin Goddess, but a Goddess who enjoys sexual pleasures with her "Future Husband" and with Aphrodite herself.

I will continue very anxious this Fic; Good luck and Ja-Ne.

PS: Hopefully and soon you will also add Athena and Demeter to complete all the Olympian Goddesses as Naruto Lovers.
8/23/2018 c14 Alex-Flyppy
Okay, I did not expect you to include another Goddess of Love / Sexuality so soon, but this is from the "Egyptian Pantheon", the Beautiful and Sensual, dark-skinned woman, the Goddess Hathor.

I must say that you wore with this episode, an amazing Orgy Fucked between Aphrodite / Naruto / Hathor and their Kage-Bunshin, and the best thing is that this was a live broadcast for all being of "Divine Presence" of the different Pantheons of Gods and the Titans of the Greek pantheon.

Doubtless Aphrodite and Hathor will appear more surely, since both are Goddesses Sisters / Lovers of the same man, with Hathor giving his blessing to Naruto and his Kage-Bunshin, thus increasing the already very high Physical (Sexual) resistance that possesses the Uzumaki.

Persephone enjoyed with his "Maids" said show. Artemis, I also enjoy it and I take advantage of the self-pleasure by seeing her "Future Husband" fucking Aphrodite and Hathor in an endless orgy. Hera and Hestia, was the best, both being good sisters and sharing the same man among them, enjoying the carnal pleasures that only Naruto has given them.

I will continue very anxious this Fic; Good luck and Ja-Ne.

PS: Hopefully and soon you will also add Athena and Demeter to complete all the Olympian Goddesses as Naruto Lovers.
8/23/2018 c13 Alex-Flyppy
I did not expect you to have thought of adding Grayfia to this Story, although on second thought, you had been slow to do so, this beautiful and sensual "Maid" will do whatever it takes to please and help her Owner / Master in all possible ways.

However, I was very interested to know who was that "Little Red Fox Fur-White Fox", and that I call Kiuby his Champion, or maybe it was Naruto, because as I read, I did not I like the way in which Naruto deals with the Kyubu, perhaps it will be a Goddess of the Shinto, more exact Amaterasu or it will be the Goddesses of the Foxes of the Shinto Pantheon.

I hope we soon know who this mysterious character is, without a doubt he is a Deity. I will continue very anxious this Fic.

PS: Hopefully and soon you will also add Athena and Demeter to complete all the Olympian Goddesses as Naruto Lovers.
8/23/2018 c12 Alex-Flyppy
Note that there were updates since my last comment (Five chapters to be exact). I did not expect Aphrodite to tell Naruto that the "3 Great Gods" are not at all "Gifted virile", and that Hades is unable to sexually satisfy his Wife, Persephone.

Although it was nice to see that Naruto was in charge of taking the positions and other orders to the "Queen of the Underworld", and incidentally, Persephone fell into the hands of Naruto, having fucked her as he did, showing him that the "Lover of Aphrodite" He has what it takes to satisfy not only his Owner / Lover, but every Goddess who wants to fuck with him.

Let's hope to see other Goddesses make their appearance in this lovely Fic; I will continue very anxious this Story, Luck and Ja-Ne.

PS: Hopefully and soon you will also add Athena and Demeter to complete all the Olympian Goddesses as Naruto Lovers.
8/23/2018 c16 naruto
great chapter keep it up and I would like Amaterasu next. thanks
8/23/2018 c16 naruto
great chapter keep it up
8/23/2018 c16 Onezero
Dude as always love your work, may I ask for the domination of medusa?
8/23/2018 c16 Neyugn
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