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6/16 c20 8Power of Magic
That was quite the chapter, and I look forward to how things go in the next one. Yes, it has been quite a while since you updated this fanfic, and hopefully next time you do will be sooner
6/16 c20 Yotsuba Tatsuya
Let's fucking go! This is legit a top 2 smut story of yours for me. Artemis is so fucking as usual. Can't wait to see more. Before I forgot, I wanna thank the dude who requested this commission. You rock, dude.
6/16 c20 Guest 23
Thanks my dude.
6/16 c20 I. P. Frealy
good to see an update!
6/16 c1 Gemini-Spark
This is hot.
6/16 c20 kage88
brillant was worth the waiting for
6/16 c20 Uday Sra
6/15 c20 Stratos263
So Artemis is finally taking it to the next level. Dam that makes her more sexier then before
6/15 c20 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. Can't wait to see what happens next
6/15 c20 InuLamar
Epic chapter keep it up!
6/15 c20 rosaurocunanan16
Wow awsome chapter! I thought you dropped the percy/naru xover, kinda almost ok, ALMOST ask someone to adopt the stories ahahahahaXD
6/15 c20 Reptilian23
hey and what happened to the reah chapter was not supposed to be the next one and also more chapters that have hestia hera leto and persephone
6/15 c20 ashrafaffendy92
Wow, at last!
6/15 c20 T-B-R
been awhile and still enjoying this one
6/15 c20 4FanFictionHunter
Return with the cumflation... and a vengeance!
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