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8/19/2018 c16 kamen rider prime
Since naruto has both hera and persephone in his harem... why not add amphitrite ?
8/19/2018 c16 2aslan333
great chapter. I see there finally here.
8/19/2018 c16 WindyCitySlayer1
Can’t wait for more
Please continue
8/19/2018 c16 Yugi the Godfather of Games
The original sixes mother & Hecate but it would be interesting if Hecate was w Melione at least once if u went that route or u could do the last of the big 3 wifes while bringing in her daughter, together or sometime down the road w u starting w one or the other, that's married to the 100 hand giant as a way to start the "healing" process btw mother & daughter
8/19/2018 c16 fraxures
Nice choice with leto i can't wait for the next chapter. Maybe you can add ishtar next
8/19/2018 c16 ila123
Thanks for this great chapter and thanks for your fast updated, thank you so much.

I want kyuubi and kurenai please.
And please dont make naruto learn long tongue thing jutsu.

This chapter is hot as always.

I really still hope naruto will be back to konoha, do mission and fucking around while doing his mission( please forgive me) hehehe.

Stay healthy yagami-san.
8/19/2018 c16 arrons921
Great chapter dude
8/19/2018 c16 TheOnlyKing
The truth is even though I read every chapter I don't ever review unless I actually find something I don't like in the chapter. So if you're worried about lack of reviews don't doubt.
8/19/2018 c16 Stratos263
Dam Leto is sexy
8/19/2018 c16 4Naruria95
Hey i think Rhea should be next
8/19/2018 c16 NecroPeridot
i really enjoy this story and was wondering if there was a set update schedule or if it was whenever you have time to update.
8/19/2018 c16 Genzexal
In my opinion, you should finish off his virgin goddess collection and get athena!
8/19/2018 c16 Guest
Can you do Athena next and maybe Silena Beauregard and Annabeth Chase as well
8/19/2018 c16 Scandalf
Will he make the Shinto goddesses his in the future as well? And if so, when? And also, you said you had a plan for Athena but its been so long already, when are you going to include her in your story?

Anyway, great chapter once again
8/19/2018 c16 Naruto Namikaze001
Simply awesome... I can't wait to read you can try to add Demeter too.
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