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8/19/2018 c16 Naruto Namikaze001
Simply awesome... I can't wait to read you can try to add Demeter too.
8/19/2018 c16 Silver566
Do some elder titanesses next. Like Rhea or Tethys
8/19/2018 c16 1REVANOFSITHLORD
Athena then hacate
8/19/2018 c16 Oshigami
how about Amphitrite?
8/19/2018 c16 19Stormking27
Great chapter keep up the good work man bug got ask how do u come up with this stuff
8/18/2018 c15 Naruto Namikaze001
Very nice.
8/16/2018 c15 Oturan
You're on a real roll with these updates. Keep it up. More chapters and more women. Great job. 2 thumbs up.
8/17/2018 c15 1insanemaelstorm
Nice chapter. Like how Artemis has changed. Like the role play. Looking forward to reading more
8/16/2018 c15 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
what did I just read lmao
8/16/2018 c15 2Mike Kromer
The mother shal come in many ways lol. And does she want a good Naruto pounding indeed lol. Will Artemis huntress get their turn lol. Must have more asap. Love it so far, keep it up. Can't wait to see what happens next.
8/16/2018 c15 pitbull4567
What a chapter
8/16/2018 c15 Alex2909
interesting idea having Leto appear, fitting choices with hathors servants
8/15/2018 c15 ila123
Thanks for this great chapter, and please no long tongue naruto,it's disgusting.

Oh right, thank you so much for this extremely long chapter, thanks a lot.

Cant wait for artemis's mother to get scene lol.
8/15/2018 c15 kamen rider prime
Leto huh ? This should be fun !
8/15/2018 c15 naruto
great chapter keep it up and the next pairing is going to be great
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