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7/8/2018 c12 Akashi1412
Thanks for update
7/8/2018 c12 3JustSomeGuyWrittingStuff
Dude, i think you need to get laid.
Cause i'm seeing a lot of sexual fustration.
But great chapter, really steamy. Couldn't wait for the next one.
Chào nha!
7/8/2018 c12 Seraphrath
I'm not fan smut so much I love this and tell your sis to continue some of her story especially purpose of living and so on
6/27/2018 c11 JaCk-o'-LaNtErN 91
Well it was an excellent update friend though it seems to have been a timeskip in the plot since Artemis seem to have no objection or reaction to Hestia joining the fun. ideas and things i'll look foward to see next: at the top my head what bothers me somewhat is that the story... well the characters seem generic specially the woman perhaps if you point out traits and looks for example Artemis' red hair, the fact that she rivals Aphrodite in the looks, yes you state it such things in their introduction chapters but you can add a coment here or there in future chapters to come. You know it would have been awesome if you decided to have Hera be Artemis's bitch you know since Hera was know to be quite the bitch she had heat with all of the children of Zeus that weren't hers, this could also help to show another side to Artemis her dominant. Another thing is the sex, i like it but again its getting generic and at times its hard to distiguish who he is fucking, why not add certain fetishes like Aphrodite loves gangbangs, Artemis likes outdors or public fucking or Anal and so on and forth. So Persephone is next huh? i would have thought Demeter would been next that way the big three sister would have fallen to him, is Athena going to be part of this i sure hope so( I love her ever since i read "Father of Demi-Gods") if Athena joins in i hope her role would be similar to Artemis'(what can i say i love Naruto x Athena... to bad there isn't that many fics completed). Lastly im itching to know if the Hunters of Artemis are going to join or not i suppose the obvious would be yes but who know, if not at least add Demi-goddesses. Well ramble enough so i just ended here and hope you update this soon.
6/25/2018 c11 Shadowy Rose
Hey Yagami. Been a while. I used to be Kami of Anime. That's why you won't recognize this name and why I have no stories on this account. Anyway, seeing as how it's been past your finals, I gotta ask...what's next? Finally gonna answer my century old request of continuing The Contract...the same story that put you on my radar? Or answer my challenge to do a mass harem with mass gender bending of the male characters of dxd with Issei x every female ever?

Or just throwing out whatever comes to you?

Persona (formerly known as Kami
6/19/2018 c1 1Johnny Gat
Maybe you should change the title to Master of love
6/16/2018 c11 MrWhitecoal
Amazing, can't wait for some more chapters also love the whole Persephone from GoW, also if possible could you maybe have naruto put hera, artemis or hestia in a mating press scene. 3
6/8/2018 c11 Alex-Flyppy
A great chapter friend; The truth, I did not expect you to delight us with a Naruto Lemon with his Goddess-Lovers, to see Artemis enjoying sex, and that little by little she was leaving aside her way of Being and Acting towards Men, more specific his Lover, Naruto, since he does not mind seeing "Reduced as a Woman" in order to please his future Husband ... Without a doubt, Naruto and Artemis have a very strong control for each other, since both They have managed to understand each other more than I thought possible.

But the best thing was to see Hera and Hestia, have a trio with Naruto and behave in such a way. Without a doubt, both women are very good Sisters because they know how to share, and they delight in pleasing the Man who has managed to satisfy them sexually, and who above all has tamed their respective characters.

The part in which you mentioned the appearance of Persefone I liked a lot, since this woman certainly deserves to receive the attention she so desires, even more if she can have the Fucked that she so longs for, and what better than the Lover of Aphrodite to give her what that she wants ... (Something that her husband, Hades, has not been able to offer).

I will continue very anxious the continuation; Good luck and Ja-Ne.

PS: Hopefully and the following women to appear are: Persefone and Demeter; After them 2, that you can have from your part to:

Nike - Greek goddess of victory
Nemesis is the Greek goddess of justice, revenge, and balance

Because these 2, because with them could have the sufficient help possible in owning Amphitrite and Athena, since both are very proud women; Amphitrite even though she suffers the same as Hera when she is constantly tricked by Poseidon by sexually intimate with mortal women, and Athena because she never loses herself, and it would be nice to see that happen to her ... "LOSE IN A BET OR CHALLENGE ", and what better form of payment Naruto will have, than to take the Last Virgin Dosa as Lover / Wife / Concubine.
6/7/2018 c10 Seraphrath
6/5/2018 c11 Etroxic
Good karma for your exams!
6/2/2018 c11 2Marc Ello-Re Yes
Came for the Smut. Stayed for the plot. this is a surprisingly engaging story. I never expected a smut fic to keep me this interested. I wonder when we get to see how Naruto's life changes for the better after he gets all the girls to his side?
6/1/2018 c1 Yankage Naruto
How Naruto can be so strong if he didn't have Hagoromo's Chakra ?
5/31/2018 c11 Ginanjar
I like your stories, really.
You know, i hope you can continue uzumaki phenex. Just like you promise before.
5/31/2018 c11 naruto
great chapter keep it up
5/31/2018 c11 DinoT
Yes change it
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