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3/14 c4 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chapter! Tho...I really would like naruto to die if he keeps abusing kyuubi...
3/14 c3 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome hehehe! This is the best ever! HAHAHAHA! please update this more, this much better than the other fanfics! (because of the smut, but you don't need to know that) HAHAHAHAHAH!
3/13 c2 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chapter! Damn this naruto is much more awsome, badass! Please, just please update this more regularly! I mean it's much more better than some of the other stories i have read! It is one of top fanfiction!
3/13 c1 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chapter! And lemon! Please update this! Please this deserve an update!
3/4 c1 Guest
Can their be a chapter where it is in lightning their and Naruto has like 1,000 kids. I think 1,000 is reasonable because he has sex with like everyone multiple times so they would have multiple baby’s and Aphrodite can have a kid like every 3 weeks
2/10 c19 nwashburn21
Please update this god-tier story. This is seriously one of the best erotic stories I've ever read please give us more
2/2 c13 Guest
No pasa con su esposo en el Olimpo lo pasa con su madre la otra mitad del año sin Hades
1/25 c15 Guest
How many children does Naruto have
1/25 c14 Godly vampire
Can we see Naruto playing with his kids?
12/25/2020 c19 Primarx
wonder if the story will be continued someday
12/8/2020 c19 Ryu wolf
Great job with this chapter
10/13/2020 c19 Guest
If your going to write about Naruto dominating any girl please be this one rhea is the mother of Zeus we want to see Naruto claim her just like how Hera was claimed but with more detail. A goo advise would be how Naruto explain to rhea the woman he has or just use clone repeatedly for weak and rhea surrender to the pleasure
10/8/2020 c19 Guest
Now that your back can you continue the servant, we want to see rhea to be added in naruto harem
9/26/2020 c4 raelarial1
a hermaphrodite is a women with both a pussy and a dick, your thinking of bisexual
8/7/2020 c19 Guest
Please update
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