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5/1/2019 c4 4Hadrian von Eveschatten
Presuming that it was Obito who controlled the Kyuubi in attacking Konoha, Naruto is not only a piece of shit, but a coward who abuses another victim rather than going after the mastermind.
5/1/2019 c2 Hadrian von Eveschatten
Wow, what an edgelord Naruto is. But seriously, how much of a daddy's boy Naruto is is disgusting. The idea that some no name or insignificant clan like Namikaze being descended from the Senju Clan is ridiculous. The Uzumakis on the other hand were an actual powerful and feared clan.
4/29/2019 c13 Brother Of Void
i bet Naruto is the Shinto version of Priapus but just not Permanently Hard
4/22/2019 c19 Guest
So good, can’t wait to see what happens next
4/20/2019 c19 Guest
Please update this fanfic
4/17/2019 c19 Guest
Please update soon.
4/18/2019 c19 Proxie885695
4/8/2019 c19 Guest
Wonder woman with huge tits
4/1/2019 c1 Wolf
When will the 20th chapter come out keep the good work continuing
3/23/2019 c19 Amagvvillegas
Please continúe with the Story, for me it's an amazing fic, i said a lot times in the past but i like the crossover from Naruto and Percy Jackson, please continúe again, you have 3 months without updating. And i try not to be demanding and desperate but it is a very good story, please continúe man
3/10/2019 c19 Autismguy593
2/23/2019 c1 logan45
PLS Update
2/18/2019 c19 Guest
Good story need more chapters
2/18/2019 c19 Guest
Love it but I would like more hera parts
1/27/2019 c19 anonymous
How about adding rias gremory or yugao or Rhia.
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