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for What happened over Summer

2h c15 ion boi
Hell yea we get an update
1/18 c15 Waffle
Hahaha, Yes! This new chapter was really good. As I was reading it seemed to be really fast paced for some reason. I guess you really are making Sima and Hisako in relationships separated but I think it will turn out great. You mentioned that you want to make them seem like real people and I like that because this story has an interesting vibe that’s different from the one shots that I’ve read. Good work, in exited for the next one.
1/17 c15 5TheVampireStrahd
Very happy to see a new chapter for this story.
1/17 c15 jungwoodyyy
Yooowww! i have been waiting for this to update and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE HAHAHAHAA anyways, maaan why soma did not deny his relationship with that boobs girl i mean fujiwara. And c'mon hisako, it is remarkable if soma is the one with you righttt? HAAHAHA Again, I'm again and agaainn for tge next updateee
1/17 c15 Guest
i love where this is going hehe keep it up
1/15 c15 28Imperial-samaB
This is a cute one. Nice work
1/15 c15 crunch bite2
I'm always excited to receive the notification for the chapter update. When it comes to reviewing or critiquing work I'm not very knowledgeable, but I can tell your writing has improved since I feel more invested in the story as it goes on and I think you do a great job. I just hate how fast I read the chapter. Keep up the great work.
1/4 c14 Waffle
Hey, great work on the story. Your writing style is very good and unique and your grammar has close to NO mistakes! This is more of a question and comment than a review: what is your motivation for this story because you rarely update. Well I mean not rarely but the update schedule is quite spaced. It’s very good non the less but, I rest easier knowing a specific schedule of update like: once every 3 months or something. Anyway great story but, chapter 14 and yet Soma and Arito are just friends with side relationships developing. I wanted to read this story for the Soma x Hisako relation but you made them split ways and develop separate relations. I enjoy the odd connection between them but I’m a slight bit disappointed that Soma is in a relationship with someone else and Hisako is about to be...maybe. I don’t like the idea of them drifting further apart unless you plan to make a switch at the last second when both are heart broken or something and then come together for comfort and become in a relationship. Just a guess, but it would be nice to develope their relationship a little quicker. I’ll be waiting for another update. Happy new year
12/7/2020 c5 jungwoodyyy
Now that I re-read this again, there are I think atleast 4 I checked in the couple list that Hisako and soma have done! Ohmyghad!
11/22/2020 c9 Guest
What happened over summer quickly turn into "WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA ghad, i re-read this again and still wondering what the hell happened that night HAHAHAHAHA
11/18/2020 c14 1loljustread
Man I re-read this again and WHERE'S THE NEXT CHAPTEEEEEERRR!? HAHAHAHAHA THIS SO GOOD REALLY EVERYTIME I REREAD THIS I CAN'T STOP SMILING CAUSE I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS OTP that's whyy I'm glad that this is still updating soo yeah take ur time but not too much time lol can't wait for the next chapter! Hope to see a new chapter soon any pleasee be safe everyone wherever u areee
10/25/2020 c9 Guest
Just wondering, hisako already knows that soma's father is a former elite ten right? so does it mean erina knows it too but still hate him
10/25/2020 c14 jungwoodyyy
Maaannn, this is sooo gooood! I really ship Hisako and Soma since their stagiare. Anyways, I'm excited for what will happened! We will see a jealous soma? It will turn it into double date probably hahahahaha! Keep safe everyone!
10/10/2020 c14 5TheVampireStrahd
Seriously enjoying this story. I just love it when a new chapter arrives.
10/9/2020 c14 crunch bite2
To be honest it always brings a smile to my face when I get the email notification for the chapters. Keep on keeping on.
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