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for What happened over Summer

32m c17 Georgioueboy
Love this story! its the only good soma x Hisako fanfic out there! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next chapter!
6h c17 John Legend
gambare gambare. Enjoyed it so far. Not much to say other than you understand the characters quite well and you have a very good narative flow. Can t wait for the next one
12h c17 taiwoeretan1
Nice to see hisako and soma working through their problems. Keep up the good work.
13h c17 ion boi
Wooooo an update! And is that some pretty big character development I see? Always looking forward to the next chap
19h c17 Justin0025
Happy to hear that there's gonna be more to this story even after this arc ends cause I'm really enjoying it. This is one of the few stories that I'll pretty much drop whatever I'm doing to read the chapter that you update because it's always very well written and I hope the quality stays as high as it has been. keep up all the good work and don't worry about the slow updates, it's always worth the wait
5/17 c1 MDX
P P.S: Best story of this couple
5/17 c17 MDX
You always come back with an excellent chapter, I'm loving it, I look forward to more !
5/17 c17 28Imperial-samaB
My my. This is getting fun
5/14 c16 Jorge Nava
I really like ur story!
4/25 c16 shipzilla
This arc has taken over 5 years, still not concluded, and there's still 3 more arcs to go lol
At this rate the story should be complete somewhere between the years 2036-2040
3/29 c4 rasengan uzumaki eien
Aaay they're reading Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought. Good show wish it was continued it has solid animation and good story just barring the name of the princess is something that writer had artist block and went drinking and decided to use XD.
3/28 c16 FearOfEscalators
when the first arc is 4 years long lolololol
3/23 c16 xxcaseyxx591
I liked this story at first until you brought in all this unnecessary third wheel drama that dragged down this whole story. It’s so obvious these two love each other but everytime you think something might happen between these two the third wheels come in and ruin it by causing a rift between the two. It really would have been nice if you just kept this focused on on the two of them and left out the drama. You had an amazing story brewing here but you killed all my interest with this unnecessary drama. I hate romance stories like these where it’s so blatantly obvious that the two main people are in love but they have dance around there feelings or drag some third wheel in to strain there relationship when they could just be happy with each. I wasted 3 hours of my life reading a mellow dramatic soap opera hoping for some happy ending that never came.
3/19 c16 jungwoodyyy
Woow after 5 summer their summer will come to an end. Thank you fo the updateee and again I really love this pairiiingg
3/19 c16 MDX
Another excellent chapter, the development of these two is very interesting, I look forward to the next chapters ...
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