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for Begin Again

8/12/2023 c15 PelirrojaBiu
I was in a post-great war reading mood so I came back to this piece and gosh, what a little marvel it is! Still one of my favourite stories of yours, the writing and the emotions it brings are spectacular.
5/25/2023 c15 Guest
Every chapter of this story made my chest feel heavy... in a good way. Now that I finished it, I want to cry... for all the misunderstandings, lost years and memories. It is an amazing story, with many moments described so beautifully...
1/12/2022 c15 15Curlieque
Wow. I'm not familiar with the books so got lost in places, but understood that things were being reworked in an AU. The overall tone, the writing style of this, is just superb.
2/3/2021 c15 BHB168
I just found this and wanted to dislike it but your fabulous writing kept me hooked. It was hard to read with so much loss and misunderstanding. However, you brilliantly wove in so many characters from the books, I was amazed. I hate how Anne loses who she was but so happy to see her and Gil together as they should be. Biggest surprise was Gil with Katherine and not married to her!
I will have to reread but I did not find mention of Roy's other child as we learned of Joy. While I know she was not have been a character from the books - how could she be!- I imagined Christine as the mother..haha.
Love your stories. Thank you for this one.
7/23/2020 c15 Guest
Started this with many doubts about how i’d take to the idea of Anne and Gil each married to another. But continued because of your beautiful writing, and for this ending of beauty in the brokenness.
12/23/2019 c15 6DrinkThemIn
Hey KWAK - popping in to say I’ve read this again. Still love it!
6/24/2018 c15 wow
omg this story did me in. First off, it made me so grateful that Anne never actually married Roy because he's the worst. And that she got to live a life full of love and children at Ingleside instead of a cold loveless one at Alderley.

the way you weaved all the Glen characters into this AU made my jaw drop. Joy living (Leslie is her mum!) and becoming a doctor, Faith marrying Gilbert's son, Nan being Phil's daughter. Jerry marrying Diana's daughter.

I appreciate how incredibly complicated you made everyone's lives.

I loved how you made Will and Dido their own characters and not just junior versions of Anne and Gil. I still can't wrap my mind around Gilbert and Katherine being married. I guess I just can't imagine him loving anyone but Anne!

I love how Anne turned into Miss Cornelia in this last chapter. And Gil living at Ingleside! Anne living in the house of dreams! The pink heart necklace!

And more than anything, Gilbert on Anne's doorstep with his shirt unbuttoned and his jacket slung over his shoulder. *fans self*

thanks for such a fascinating story that gave me much to think about!
9/9/2017 c15 Dennis Merrell
NO, NO, NO! Surely you know that I want to read about the day-by-day life of Anne and Gil after your beautiful honeymoon. If I want the reality of life, I will readn the paper or watch the news. You are much better than that. Just think about it. Love you!
7/6/2017 c15 3JD SPARKS
Wonderful, sorry had guests this week haven't been able to RR as usual. Just finished the story though and loved it. Loved the addition of Echo Lodge and the drama that brought, the obvious tie to Ms. Lavender, and Diana pointing it out. The end at Four Winds is fantastic. Thanks again for another brilliant addition to my Anne/Gil obsession. :)
7/1/2017 c12 JD SPARKS
Oh my gosh this chapter is jam packed with surprises and Easter Eggs. Leslie Moore and Gilbert have a child?! Roy too, but Gilbert! Whoa so Katherine was like actually 3rd love/runner up. Sheesh. And Walter Irving? Haha Paul's kid perhaps? I'm really unsure of what's going on with Dido and Jack but I'm nervous she's gonna break poor Will's heart! Hopefully that last line was just alluding to her deciding to stay in Kingsport and not go to France lol...
6/29/2017 c9 JD SPARKS
My heart. Seriously, these beautifully written moments between Anne and Gil make my night. Ugh that it's been so long and she's only just finding out about Christine, or the incredible dialogue that has Gil thinking she's referring to her relationship with Katherine. "Well.. There's your answer." so perfect. I am just in awe and can't wait to see what other amazing scenes you have in store.
6/28/2017 c6 JD SPARKS
Another beautiful chapter. I wasn't sure about how I'd feel about the kids, but you've warmed me to them and their relationship. Almost shed a tear when Will's talk of love took Anne back to Patty's Place and her cold refusal. So good, haha. Then Will's thoughts in regards to Dido. The lines about it being her in that dress that made him realize his dream was nothing more than that... The line about "seeing regret staring back," from his mates warnings. Jesus right in the feels! Sorry again using a tablet so have to paraphrase, it won't let me highlight or select direct line from the chapter. But seriously powerful stuff, such great writing. Another tip of my virtual hat to you and your talent!
6/27/2017 c3 JD SPARKS
OH man this chapter was heart-wrenching. I had to stop because I wanted to cry when she was imagining the dozens of Blythe children that never were. Everything about this was beautiful. "she has been following his career since from very beginning...To the days when his name topped hers in their one room schoolhouse." My god, such a powerful section that completely captures the strength of her affection, known or unknown at times. Then to find out she still had the revelation, the night of the storm; almost balled again. Brilliant stuff, Anna, seriously this will be one of my favorite chapters ever. You've sold me on AU/what if stories. I'm a sucker for angsty dramas and stories that tie heartstrings are in knots, are some of my favorites. Thank your for sharing your beautiful works. I can't wait to read more!
6/26/2017 c1 JD SPARKS
Very curious to see where this goes. I was very weary of a story of Anne and Gil not together or not ending up soon the end, but this first chapter has me intrigued. I think it's great that there is still a dynamic between Roy and Anne, much as I dislike the idea of her not with Gil. I love that you didn't turn him into a villain, they've been together for so long and though drifting apart, and aside from a few stinging, snide remarks he's not hateful or malicious. That's very believable, I would totally have turned him into a horrible person, and he would have seemed flat as a character, and their relationship fake. Lol.
4/10/2017 c15 Aidni
Christ it's so beautiful
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