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for Begin Again

4/11/2016 c1 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
Ooh, I usually get a bit twitchy about AUs, especially AUs where Anne and Gil don't end up together but, since it's you, I'm game.

Cracking start. Maybe I've just had a surfeit of The Archers at the moment (sorry, UK only reference there) but there is a definite feel of menace in Anne and Roy's relationship, something that goes a bit beyond the expected unhappiness of a mismatch. Anne feels curtailed and corralled. Of course she is a successful writer - her fantasy world is at its most vivid when her real life is lacking somewhat.

I missed a couple of details during the first, swift, read. Primarily that Anne was established in her career and 33 when Roy finally added her to his collection. So, well past hope of Gil (assuming her book of revelation did take place?) making Roy the last chance? The attractive looking itch she just had to scratch? So very intrigued to find out how you resolve the unresolveable, I.e our favourite couple didn't end up together.

Love the way you give us so many hints in this opening chapter as to how things are:
"Pay for our folly as for a crime"
"20 years and I still haven't managed to tame you"
"Your lot" on the mantle piece.
"Our only daughter" - maybe I'm reading too much in here, but I heard an accusation in those italics.

But, this is KwaK, so Royal isn't a pantomime villain. Anne still finds him handsome, attractive? The grey eyes can still flash green. There is complexity in these relationships. I am looking forward to seeing how you un(en)tangle them.
4/11/2016 c1 Kimi Blythe
Yeah, I do wonder as well what a DC is ? As I am not really familiar with this term...

And when I asked to which home Dido his coming back too, I was wondering if it was to Avonlea, Kingsport ?
4/11/2016 c1 Guest
Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what is a "DC"? I saw another reviewer seemed to know and it must be impressive so I guess it should be common knowledge ? I also liked a reviewers comment that maybe Gil adopted a son. I would rather believe that than him married to someone else. Maybe Will will be a baby that Gil delivered but his parents died and Gil adopted him. Ok, wishful thinking but one can only dream until another chapter answers my many questions. Totally hooked on this story so far. Can't wait for more.
4/11/2016 c1 Rose
Got a thrill of excitement when I saw a new story from you. I read the synopsis and got another shock...an AU from K with a K! Was drawn in immediately with your wonderful writing and characters. I liked what you did to Roy, he's not a brute which is how so many stories have portrayed him. I can't wait for your updates! It must also be refreshing for you to write something AU, no wonder you wrote it so quickly!
4/11/2016 c1 PelirrojaBiu
Now this is a surprise! Here I was, waiting (im)patiently for The Last of WWLL and there comes this little gem! I usually don't read Anne stories that are THIS AU, I worry they will make me really sad, as usually there is hardly any chance (unless both Roy and Christine die, lol) for our One True Pairing to get together. But the way you have written it makes me so curious and giddy with excitement that I'm almost surprised with myself :)

There are so many questions left open! We know that Phil didn't write the letter and that Gil was indeed ill. Did Anne know about it? Was there any "book of Revelation"? Did she realise she was in love with him? Maybe she was sure Gil, sick or not, was already engaged? And she still went to Summerside to teach, otherwise how would she meet Lewis Allen and Jen? And she got married at 33! How did she spend those 11 years after the convocation? She's obviously not happy in her marriage, but it's great she's become a writer (that scene with the ink was SO her and so cute, it reminded me of the moment from Anne of Avonlea when she puts some red paint on her nose instead of lemon juice).

I love how layered Roy is! And the kids' names! Is Dido a sort of nickname combo for Diana Dorothy or something like that?

Oh, and the whole changing business reminds me of that infamous wedding anniversary and dinner with Christine when Anne changes into a black gown to spite Gilbert. Will she change into something green here? And then go to the station and see Gil?! After more than 30 years?! Gosh, I'm so excited I can't sit still as I'm writing this! I just can't wait for all the drama that will undoubtly ensue. No one writes deep, raw, palpable, held back feelings as well as you do.
4/11/2016 c1 18Alinyaalethia
I'm glad you were inspired to write this story. It's compelling and we're only at the beginning. So far I really like how this brave new world isn't as starkly black and white as it could be. There are definitely niggles, but there's also Anne's literary success, which is a gorgeous thing to see. The photos on the mantle were a lovely detail, as were the amber beads and the typewriter ribbon. Well done weaving the beats with the ink through toyo unite the whole, it was masterfully done (and I know what a balancing act that can be). Also, thoroughly enjoying your venture into present tense. (Am I just being absent-minded and forgetting some previous use of it? I fear I am.) It gives such immediacy to this story. Thoroughly looking forward to immersing myself in this world and getting to know it better.
4/11/2016 c1 7Formerly known as J
Flippin' heck, kwaky, your first AU is frigging awesomeness on a stick!

The premise: awesome
Literary Success Anne: awesome
Royal Gardner still wanting to tame Anne: awesome
Their daughter engaged to (Blythe) DC winner: awesome
'We must pay for our folly as for a crime': awesome
Anne's special photographs on the mantel: awesome
Inexplicably, amber beads vs enamel heart: also awesome

Excellent, excellent start, kwakeroonie. I fervently hope you will update this again soonest so we get to find out what happens at that train station.
4/10/2016 c1 Guest
Oh no! Will true love still prevail after what is probably 30 years since convocation? Anne doesn't seem happy in her marriage. Is Gilbert? Or will it end with a bittersweet feeling with them feeling as Marilla did in the books, that with Dido and Will marrying, it righted a wrong of their parents? So many questions. Can't wait to see where your go with it, but still have fingers crossed and rooting for Anne & Gil back together. I know it's your story, but doesn't hurt to hope, right?
4/10/2016 c1 Guest
I admit I did feel a slight pang of pain in my heart when I read that Anne and Gilbert didn't marry each other in this story but it didn't stop me from reading this. I have very much missed your writing and am interested in where this story will lead. The opening chapter is intriguing as it opens so many questions . Of course a reunion will happen at some point between Anne and Gilbert and I'm definitely interested to see how that will go. I saw that you said it was your first AU, but I think you are off to a good start. I hate writing myself, so I have all the more admiration to those of you, such as yourself, that can write so well.
4/10/2016 c1 5rebeccathehistorian
"Anne feels she is missing more than that": Anne doesn't know it, but she means Gil!

Roy's exhibition? Is he an artist? A painter?

"The last four years feel like four centuries, who can blame them if they prefer not to talk of difficult things?": I feel like this sentence encapsulates the whole decade of the 1920s.

Hm. This is going to be interesting knowing that Dido's engagement is about to made public at the train station. Now this makes me think, if Will Blythe is going to be there, will Gil be there too? And did Gil end up marrying anybody? I feel like he must've even if he adopted a boy (meaning Will).

"You mean *you* haven't accepted him -": Whoo. Things are getting heated! Although it makes me wonder how much Dido has - or rather, hasn't - told her mother about her engagement and the man she's engaged to. My guess is that she hasn't told them anything besides the fact that she got engaged and to keep it a secret.

Will's a Captain and a DC? Wow!

"And I don't see how you can be such a snob. You are forgetting, I think, your own wife's humble beginnings.": Whoo. Go Anne!

"One has nothing to do with the other.": Oh, I think it does.

"Who do you think *your* parents would have wanted you to marry? Who did your people in Avonlea *want* you to marry -": Ouch.

When you said that "her eyes flick to the mantlepiece," at first I was wondering if there was a picture of Anne and Gil together and then I thought that perhaps her eyes flicked to her college graduation picture and more importantly, to the lilies of the valley she was wearing.

"'Do you think I wish to upset Dido the moment she steps off the train? Of course I don't - but in the end she'll see that her Papa was right.": I'm not so sure about that. I think Dido will be right in the end, not you, Roy.

Wait, Roy didn't marry Anne until she was 33?!

"To think we've been married these twenty years and I still haven't managed to tame you.": A woman is not an animal, Roy. Anne doesn't need taming. Gilbert wouldn't try to tame her; he would love her wholeheartedly, completely, wanting her to be completely herself. You don't.

"It makes no sense that the feel of his hands on her neck floods her with panic.": That is definitely not a good sign especially in a marriage.

This is a great AU! If you don't mind, could you please continue it? I want - no, I *need* - to know what happens. Does Anne recognize Will immediately because he looks so much like his father? Is Gil at the train station with Will? What's the first meeting between Anne and Gil like? I need to know these things!
4/10/2016 c1 2Kim Blythe
Hi, how glad I am that you decided to start writing a completely different and new story that has nothing to do with the ones I still have to catch up on : I am in the middle of reading Call to arms and the first few chapters in Make do and mend and I am eagerly waiting for you to post the newest part of the Windy willows love letters...

But this new story, is, wow, I just have so many questions to ask : Where is the home that Dido his coming back to ? Anne and Roy sleeps each in their own bedroom ! ( I can't say I am surprised there ) Will Gilbert and his wife ( Josie, Christine, A new women ? ) will be there as well at the train station to welcome back their son ?

I can't wait to see how the love story between Dido and Will will evolve, continue and unfolds before the eyes of their parents...

I have to give you a special and big applause for having come up with the name of Dido for Anne's daughter ( Dido, just like the singer ) ...
4/10/2016 c1 7DianaStorm09
What an interesting premise! I can't wait to see how this story will unfold :)
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